2010-03-07 Joey SchulzeAllow updating the filters separately
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeRemove sorting permission for several columns
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeDisplay the edit box only when editing is permitted
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust permission check
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeCheck permissions when accessing pages
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust heading color
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeHide not necessary buttons
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeSupport hiding of individual buttons
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze1 a) Arbeitsberichte
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeSupport preselected selections
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze2 f) Kostenaufwand pro Mitarbeiter
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeRemove unused relation
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze2 e) Kostenaufwand für jedes Gerät
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeAdd grouping
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze1 d) Kostenaufwand für Kostenstellen
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeRemove old onchange
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze1 c) Gesamtstundenaufwand pro Mitarbeiter
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze1 b) Gesamtstundenaufwand pro Gerät
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeReduce tables to required ones
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeUse set variable framework
2010-03-05 Joey Schulze1 a) Gesamtstundenaufwand pro Kostenstelle
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeAdjust textarea border
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeWiden textarea
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeAdd support for textarea elements
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeFill detail box with Einsatz details
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeRemove padding from left boxes
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport plain HTML code in details box
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport calculation of details values via a function...
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport setting values to arbitrary objects using innerHTML
2010-03-04 Joey Schulze . Table column adjustments
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd support for secondary tables for editing
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeHandle hidden fields as if they were integers
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport arbitrary callback queries
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeClear status information when making an AJAX call
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport onchange for select boxes
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport hidden fields
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd support for a configurable title for the edit box
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport data coming from non-canonical fields and ignor...
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeNo need to sort for boolean value
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeRestrict test to real login response
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeReorganise variables as array so that postcall works...
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeColumn dienstleistung is not needed anymore
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeMake column available but hide it
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd akkord_vorjahr according to mail
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeUse general function to set variable
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd general function to set variables from the frontend
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd name of mask to page, for later use in JavaScript
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeImprove table layout
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdd FWA logo to header
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdd required flag
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdjust field length
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeDisplay Boolean value as readonly checkbox
2010-03-03 Joey Schulze.gereinigt has been moved to new table
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeForgotton field added
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeSupport tooltips for menu items
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeRename title into name for menu items
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdjustment for reference table
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeSupport filters for reference tables in checkbox controls
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeRemove superflous code
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeHandle clean flag for waters
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeDon't need the array key but a value
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeUnify message
2010-03-02 Joey SchulzeUpdates according to mail
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeAdd support for calendar input values
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeFormat date values with German date format
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeMove background image into images directory
2010-03-01 Joey Schulzesize not supported for checkboxes
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdd menu to permissions
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport option values as strings as well
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport select fields, add missing curley brackets
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdjust title
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdjust field length
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeConfigure some fields as required
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport required fields - report information into backend
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport short error messages for status field
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeTranslate error message into German
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeHandle some values as decimal
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeHandle Stundensatz and Jahresakkord as decimal values
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdd support for decimal fields in form
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdd support for saving decimal values
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdd Telefon, permit NULL values
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport NULL values if requested
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeUpdates according to specification
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeFill status line with space initially
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeUpdates according to specification
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport comments for input fields
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzePull linebreak out of if construct
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeHide elements that would be displayed right of the...
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeLimit menu items to permitted ones according to group
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeRename session
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeConnect masks to groups
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeSupport controls such as checkboxes
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeSingle group allowed for users, support it via select
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeSupport for database oriented checkboxes as control...
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeWe're using the pristine version, thus no need to keep...
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeAdd select box and framework in left part for general...
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeRecalculate the query in case it contains session variables
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeUse class for box style so there can be multiple
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeMove SQL query calculation into separate general function
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeCheck error code when no completion function is defined...