2011-02-24 Joey SchulzeHide hour sum per default master
2011-02-24 Joey SchulzeSet maximum exportable rows
2011-02-22 Joey SchulzeAdd order to table
2010-12-13 Joey SchulzeRemove logo from repository
2010-12-13 Joey SchulzeReorganise right padding
2010-12-13 Joey SchulzeReorganise right padding
2010-12-13 Joey SchulzeDisplay Akkord and don't exclude vacation etc.
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeRead start page from file
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeUse Rico.TableColumn.lookup and table for some columns
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeSupport for Rico.TableColumn.lookup
2010-09-02 Joey SchulzeAdjust line break tag
2010-08-27 Joey SchulzeUse converted value if colum uses a lookup table
2010-08-12 Joey SchulzeNeed to use the pristine column name without alias...
2010-08-12 Joey SchulzeThe ErrorMsg method is part of the db object
2010-07-28 Joey SchulzeDamn, a checkbox returns 'on' for true
2010-06-22 Joey SchulzeSort dropdown select filters
2010-06-02 Joey SchulzeCalculate timeout for automatic logout according to... 2010-06-02_customer
2010-06-01 Joey SchulzeAdd column filters
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeConvert commas into dots
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeAdd edit possibility for einsatz metadata, allow indivi...
2010-05-13 Joey Schulzereturn false, also when delete cannot be executed
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeMove real deletion into function, allow external deleti...
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeInherit text color for texatrea elements
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeExplicitly return true
2010-05-12 Joey SchulzeSupport deletion in secondary tables via array tables_d...
2010-05-09 Joey SchulzeReformat decimal values
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeMove control fields
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeAdjust field sizes
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeSupport custom save function
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeNew form for editing einsaetze
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeAdd ID for edit box title
2010-04-15 Joey SchulzeAdjust hour field names
2010-04-14 Joey SchulzeAllow einsatze without tools
2010-04-14 Joey SchulzeDisplay personal for einsatz
2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeAdd window information for grid
2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeAdd selection text
2010-03-26 Joey SchulzeUpdate formular
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeReduce some PHP oddities, implement Seek() properly
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeUse childNodes instead of children
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeDon't work with non-existing IDs
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeSupport LEFT JOINs
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeMove JOIN processor into function
2010-03-17 Joey SchulzeAdd empty option
2010-03-17 Joey SchulzeDelete field
2010-03-16 Joey SchulzeAdd missing JOIN statements to SQL query
2010-03-15 Joey SchulzeRemove require flag from devices
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden columns
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeNew form according to mail request
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeReally calculate sums
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd kostenstelle to details box
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjustment of list according to mail specification
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeDarken font color in details box
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd date
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeDisplay comments if available
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjust color in details box
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd empty default option
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeCheck form values before inserting new data, reset...
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd support for per-page functions to be called before...
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeSupport empty first fields
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFormat name differently
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd cleaned flag
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeReduce space
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd details according to mail request
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd empty default field for select options
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd another ORDER BY part
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd ORDER BY part
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdjust table
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeReload page after saving, fix NULL value
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeNew input form for reports
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust width
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAlways disable Rico debugging
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdd function to update select options
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSupport mask specific insert functions
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdd transmitted parameter to info responses
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSupport plain HTML for pages
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust table to new table structure
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDon't update the table after adding material, update...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSort details before building the table body
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeHandle grid_update via post_* function variables so...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDisplay gebiet
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust form to new table einsatz and co.
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeRename internal variable
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeNeue Abfragen
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeAdd mobil number and current state to personnel table
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeRemove hhjahr due to too many input errors
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeAlter anbaugraet according to the selected geraet
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeAdd type reference table geraetetypen for geraete and...
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeRemove size attribute for select field
2010-03-09 Joey Schulze*sigh* empty('0') evaluates to true even though the...
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeAdjust permission check
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeAdjust some titles according to mail
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeHandle save request as insert when there is no ID
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeClean up first page
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeEncode password with new users' login