Add empty default option
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2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd empty default option
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeCheck form values before inserting new data, reset...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDon't update the table after adding material, update...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSort details before building the table body
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDisplay gebiet
2010-03-07 Joey SchulzeUse full browser height
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust heading color
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeHide not necessary buttons
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeFill detail box with Einsatz details
2010-03-04 Joey Schulze . Table column adjustments
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdd initial mask configuration