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[misc/kostenrechnung] / lib / general.php
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeRead start page from file
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeExplicitly return true
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeSupport LEFT JOINs
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeMove JOIN processor into function
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeAdjust permission check
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeClean up first page
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust permission check
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeCheck permissions when accessing pages
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeRestrict test to real login response
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeMove SQL query calculation into separate general function
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeSupport JavaScript code in mask definitions
2010-02-26 Joey SchulzeHandle logout
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeMove password calculation into general library
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeAutomatically calculate the filesystem path of the...
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeGlobal function for querying the database
2010-02-24 Joey SchulzeImplement login facility and basic user handling
2010-02-24 Joey SchulzeAdd debugging facility
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeProvide debug information on demand
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeAuxiliary PHP functions