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2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeSupport for Rico.TableColumn.lookup
2010-05-13 Joey Schulzereturn false, also when delete cannot be executed
2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeAdd window information for grid
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeUse childNodes instead of children
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeDon't work with non-existing IDs
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd support for per-page functions to be called before...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdd function to update select options
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeHandle grid_update via post_* function variables so...
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeHandle save request as insert when there is no ID
2010-03-07 Joey SchulzeAllow updating the filters separately
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport setting values to arbitrary objects using innerHTML
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport arbitrary callback queries
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeClear status information when making an AJAX call
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd general function to set variables from the frontend
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeUnify message
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeAdd support for calendar input values
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport short error messages for status field
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeTranslate error message into German
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeCheck error code when no completion function is defined...
2010-02-26 Joey SchulzeInitialise password fields when loading the page (to...
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeDisplay information about time of last edit
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdjust order of error output
2010-02-25 Joey Schulze . Implement save, insert and delete for records
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeNew area to report status messages and errors
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeSupport setting value of checkboxes
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeRename mask parameter into source
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeSupport filling of form for editing data
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeSmall framework for providing details
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeSmall AJAX framework and auxiliary JavaScript functions