2014-01-22 Joey SchulzeRemove superflous function
2014-01-22 Joey SchulzeImprove column layout
2014-01-12 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'helvetica', 'mail' and 'mpack'
2014-01-12 Joey SchulzeAdjust error mail address
2014-01-12 Joey SchulzeSwitch to mpack
2014-01-12 Joey SchulzeSwitch to Helvetica font
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'buttons', 'numeric' and 'pdflatex'
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeUse pdflatex for PDF generation
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeSet column type to numeric so that EQ filtering is...
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeUse custom style for buttons
2013-04-05 Joey SchulzeUse new possibility to provide distinct queries
2013-03-14 Joey SchulzeSend error message to developer
2013-03-14 Joey SchulzeImprove LaTeX code and add corridor number for all...
2013-03-14 Joey SchulzeAllow filtering for amount
2013-02-04 Joey SchulzeImprove ordering
2013-02-04 Joey SchulzeNicht durch die Kasse ziehen
2013-01-23 Joey SchulzeEncode package size as well
2013-01-23 Joey SchulzeLog error in error_log and don't remove temporary directory
2013-01-22 Joey SchulzeDisplay date of last price on demand
2013-01-22 Joey SchulzeSeveral improvements
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeSelect preis if date is available already
2012-12-27 Joey SchulzeShould encode from name properly as well
2012-12-26 Joey SchulzeApply latex_encode on each element of item cell
2012-12-26 Joey SchulzeAdd intelligent page numbering
2012-12-26 Joey SchulzeImprove filters
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeOpen popup at same location like before
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeImprove LaTeX conversion
2012-03-23 Joey Schulzeimport is a reserved identifier
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeAdd note to articles if available
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeEscape ampersand as well
2012-01-26 Joey SchulzeEncode subject properly so that foreign characters...
2012-01-23 Joey SchulzeLeave artnr field empty in output when it is uknown
2012-01-23 Joey SchulzeShorten large input fields so they don't get cut off
2012-01-18 Joey SchulzePermit entering arbitrary values
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeWiden columns
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeChange time character varying
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeDefault mail address to mine
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeHide the changes status and prevent data fetching
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeImprove text
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeUse a font without serifs
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeReturn error message when no products have been selected
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeDisable the delete button
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeRemove non-working filters
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeRemove filter for unfilterable columns
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeAllow importing of new articles
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeUpdate grid after adding a price
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeRemove debug code
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeReplace comma with dot in price
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeSet focus to date field when adding a price
2012-01-15 Joey SchulzeDisplay net price as well
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeNew price adding facility
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeDisplay price for articles
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeHide Abteilung and Gang
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeAdjust field widths
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeAdjust title for edit window
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeHide artnr column since it has no value for cookies
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeHide buttons when editing an Ordersatz
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeRename column and values
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeFinish ordersatz
2011-12-30 Joey SchulzeDon't allow filtering for artnr
2011-12-28 Joey SchulzeFix character encoding differences
2011-12-28 Joey SchulzeImport current development version