Merge branches 'buttons', 'numeric' and 'pdflatex'
[misc/hallinta-metro] / utils.php
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'buttons', 'numeric' and 'pdflatex'
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeUse pdflatex for PDF generation
2013-03-14 Joey SchulzeSend error message to developer
2013-03-14 Joey SchulzeImprove LaTeX code and add corridor number for all...
2013-02-04 Joey SchulzeImprove ordering
2013-01-23 Joey SchulzeEncode package size as well
2012-12-27 Joey SchulzeShould encode from name properly as well
2012-12-26 Joey SchulzeApply latex_encode on each element of item cell
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeImprove LaTeX conversion
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeAdd note to articles if available
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeEscape ampersand as well
2012-01-26 Joey SchulzeEncode subject properly so that foreign characters...
2012-01-23 Joey SchulzeLeave artnr field empty in output when it is uknown
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeDefault mail address to mine
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeReturn error message when no products have been selected
2012-01-14 Joey SchulzeFinish ordersatz
2011-12-28 Joey SchulzeImport current development version