Rico LogoWelcome to Rico 3!

Rico is an open source JavaScript framework used to create rich, highly interactive web applications. Rico is released under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0. This allows you to use Rico in nearly all circumstances, commercial and non-commercial, and to modify it as you see fit. Read the full license description at the Apache web site.

Previous versions of Rico have relied on the excellent Prototype library to provide a base level of cross-browser functions. Rico 3 has been redesigned to work with a variety of popular Javascript libraries using a small adapter layer to bridge the differences between each library. Thus, you are no longer be required to load Prototype in order to run Rico. Of course you can if you choose to, but you can also run it with jQuery instead, or MooTools, or dojo, or ext, or BBC Glow.

Functions supported by Rico 3 include:

Rico resources: