Rico Browser Compatibility

Rico 3.0 examples have been tested on the following browsers and operating systems. Rico likely works in other environments (e.g. Opera on the Mac, etc); this list just indicates where developer testing has been completed. Except where noted below, all aspects of the Rico are fully functional.

  Operating System
Browser Windows XP/Vista Macintosh 10.4 Linux (Knoppix 5)
IE6 checkmark    
IE7 checkmark    
IE8 checkmark4    
FF 1.5/2.0 checkmark checkmark1 checkmark
FF 3.x checkmark    
Opera 9.0 - 9.2 checkmark1,2,3   checkmark1,2,3
Opera 9.5 or later checkmark2    
Safari 2.0   checkmark  
Safari 3.x checkmark    
Camino   checkmark1  
Konqueror 3.5     checkmark
Google Chrome checkmark    


  1. In these configurations scrollbars are hidden when the menu is displayed (the scrollbars interfered with the menus).
  2. In Opera, when using double-clicking to invoke menus, you should turn off Opera's "Double click text to display context menu" setting by going to Tools > Preferences > Advanced tab > Toolbars.
  3. LiveGrid Forms is not recommended with Opera versions less than 9.5 due to a bug in the way it handles select boxes.
  4. The production release of IE8 works correctly with Rico 2.1 in both standards and compatibility modes. With Rico 2.0, the column resizer image is not displayed in grids, but everything else works. Pre-release versions of IE8 only worked with Rico when IE8 was set to compatibility mode.

The OLPC contains a custom browser based on the Gecko layout engine. Rico runs without issue on this system.

Firefox versions 1.x and 2.x displayed minor artifacts when a popup menu overlayed a scrollbar. This is fixed in version 3.

In order to display properly, a browser displaying a LiveGrid must be operating in strict (aka standards) mode.