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1 <%@ Page Language="VB" ResponseEncoding="iso-8859-1" validateRequest="false" %>\r
2 <%@ Register TagPrefix="Rico" Assembly="Rico" NameSpace="Rico" %>\r
3 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">\r
4 <html>\r
5 <head>\r
6 <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">\r
7 <title>Rico LiveGrid sourced from HTML table</title>\r
8 \r
9 <Rico:LoadClient checkQueryString='true' runat='server' />\r
10 <link href="../demo.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />\r
11 \r
12 <script type='text/javascript'>\r
13 Rico.onLoad( function() {\r
14   //alert('We are stopping here, at the start of the onLoad event, to show you that the grid is populated with data from a regular HTML table. This is what browsers with javascript disabled would display.');\r
15   var opts = {\r
16     menuEvent     : 'click',\r
17     frozenColumns : 1,\r
18     highlightElem: 'cursorRow',\r
19     defaultWidth : 90,\r
20     useUnformattedColWidth: false,\r
21     columnSpecs  : [{width:200},'specQty','specQty','specQty','specQty','specQty']\r
22   };\r
23   var ex1=new Rico.LiveGrid ('population', new Rico.Buffer.Base(document.getElementById('population').tBodies[0]), opts);\r
24   ex1.menu=new Rico.GridMenu({});\r
25 });\r
26 </script>\r
27 \r
28 </head>\r
29 \r
30 <body>\r
31 \r
32 <div id='explanation'>\r
33 Base Library: \r
34 <script type='text/javascript'>\r
35 document.write(Rico.Lib+' '+Rico.LibVersion);\r
36 </script>\r
37 <hr>\r
38 This example demonstrates how Rico can convert an existing HTML table into\r
39 a much more usable LiveGrid. \r
40 LiveGrid provides scrolling, column resizing, filtering, and sorting capabilities.\r
41 Click on a cell to see available actions.\r
42 <p style='font-size:smaller;'>Data source: <a href="http://www.un.org/esa/population/unpop.htm">Population Division of the \r
43 Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat</a> (2009). \r
44 <em>World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision. Highlights.</em> New York: United Nations.   </p>                            \r
45 </div>\r
46 \r
47 <p class="ricoBookmark"><span id="population_bookmark">&nbsp;</span></p>\r
48 <table class="ricoLiveGrid" id="population">\r
49 <thead>\r
50  <tr>  <td class='ricoFrozen'></td>  <td colspan=5>Population (thousands)</td> </tr>\r
51  <tr>  <td class='ricoFrozen'>Country or area</td>  <td>1950</td>  <td>2009</td>  <td>2015</td>  <td>2025</td>  <td>2050</td> </tr>\r
52 </thead>\r
53 <tbody>\r
54  <tr>  <td>Afghanistan</td>  <td>8151</td>  <td>28150</td>  <td>34246</td>  <td>44970</td>  <td>73938</td> </tr>\r
55  <tr>  <td>Albania</td>  <td>1215</td>  <td>3155</td>  <td>3256</td>  <td>3395</td>  <td>3303</td> </tr>\r
56  <tr>  <td>Algeria</td>  <td>8753</td>  <td>34895</td>  <td>38088</td>  <td>42882</td>  <td>49610</td> </tr>\r
57  <tr>  <td>American Samoa</td>  <td>19</td>  <td>67</td>  <td>74</td>  <td>86</td>  <td>107</td> </tr>\r
58  <tr>  <td>Andorra</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>86</td>  <td>93</td>  <td>107</td>  <td>137</td> </tr>\r
59  <tr>  <td>Angola</td>  <td>4148</td>  <td>18498</td>  <td>21690</td>  <td>27441</td>  <td>42267</td> </tr>\r
60  <tr>  <td>Anguilla</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>15</td>  <td>17</td>  <td>18</td>  <td>20</td> </tr>\r
61  <tr>  <td>Antigua and Barbuda</td>  <td>46</td>  <td>88</td>  <td>93</td>  <td>101</td>  <td>112</td> </tr>\r
62  <tr>  <td>Argentina</td>  <td>17150</td>  <td>40276</td>  <td>42548</td>  <td>45883</td>  <td>50943</td> </tr>\r
63  <tr>  <td>Armenia</td>  <td>1354</td>  <td>3083</td>  <td>3139</td>  <td>3181</td>  <td>3018</td> </tr>\r
64  <tr>  <td>Aruba</td>  <td>38</td>  <td>107</td>  <td>109</td>  <td>112</td>  <td>106</td> </tr>\r
65  <tr>  <td>Australia</td>  <td>8219</td>  <td>21293</td>  <td>22607</td>  <td>24703</td>  <td>28724</td> </tr>\r
66  <tr>  <td>Austria</td>  <td>6936</td>  <td>8364</td>  <td>8467</td>  <td>8600</td>  <td>8515</td> </tr>\r
67  <tr>  <td>Azerbaijan</td>  <td>2896</td>  <td>8832</td>  <td>9426</td>  <td>10128</td>  <td>10579</td> </tr>\r
68  <tr>  <td>Bahamas</td>  <td>79</td>  <td>342</td>  <td>366</td>  <td>402</td>  <td>455</td> </tr>\r
69  <tr>  <td>Bahrain</td>  <td>116</td>  <td>791</td>  <td>882</td>  <td>1021</td>  <td>1277</td> </tr>\r
70  <tr>  <td>Bangladesh</td>  <td>43595</td>  <td>162221</td>  <td>175217</td>  <td>195012</td>  <td>222495</td> </tr>\r
71  <tr>  <td>Barbados</td>  <td>211</td>  <td>256</td>  <td>260</td>  <td>262</td>  <td>237</td> </tr>\r
72  <tr>  <td>Belarus</td>  <td>7745</td>  <td>9634</td>  <td>9355</td>  <td>8851</td>  <td>7275</td> </tr>\r
73  <tr>  <td>Belgium</td>  <td>8628</td>  <td>10647</td>  <td>10878</td>  <td>11191</td>  <td>11493</td> </tr>\r
74  <tr>  <td>Belize</td>  <td>69</td>  <td>307</td>  <td>344</td>  <td>404</td>  <td>506</td> </tr>\r
75  <tr>  <td>Benin</td>  <td>2050</td>  <td>8935</td>  <td>10647</td>  <td>13767</td>  <td>21982</td> </tr>\r
76  <tr>  <td>Bermuda</td>  <td>37</td>  <td>65</td>  <td>65</td>  <td>66</td>  <td>63</td> </tr>\r
77  <tr>  <td>Bhutan</td>  <td>168</td>  <td>697</td>  <td>770</td>  <td>865</td>  <td>1013</td> </tr>\r
78  <tr>  <td>Bolivia</td>  <td>2714</td>  <td>9863</td>  <td>10854</td>  <td>12368</td>  <td>14908</td> </tr>\r
79  <tr>  <td>Bosnia and Herzegovina</td>  <td>2661</td>  <td>3767</td>  <td>3727</td>  <td>3608</td>  <td>3008</td> </tr>\r
80  <tr>  <td>Botswana</td>  <td>413</td>  <td>1950</td>  <td>2106</td>  <td>2337</td>  <td>2758</td> </tr>\r
81  <tr>  <td>Brazil</td>  <td>53975</td>  <td>193734</td>  <td>202866</td>  <td>213802</td>  <td>218512</td> </tr>\r
82  <tr>  <td>British Virgin Islands</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>23</td>  <td>24</td>  <td>26</td>  <td>28</td> </tr>\r
83  <tr>  <td>Brunei Darussalam</td>  <td>48</td>  <td>400</td>  <td>443</td>  <td>513</td>  <td>658</td> </tr>\r
84  <tr>  <td>Bulgaria</td>  <td>7251</td>  <td>7545</td>  <td>7263</td>  <td>6752</td>  <td>5392</td> </tr>\r
85  <tr>  <td>Burkina Faso</td>  <td>4080</td>  <td>15757</td>  <td>19013</td>  <td>24837</td>  <td>40830</td> </tr>\r
86  <tr>  <td>Burundi</td>  <td>2456</td>  <td>8303</td>  <td>9413</td>  <td>11161</td>  <td>14846</td> </tr>\r
87  <tr>  <td>Cambodia</td>  <td>4346</td>  <td>14805</td>  <td>16357</td>  <td>18973</td>  <td>23795</td> </tr>\r
88  <tr>  <td>Cameroon</td>  <td>4466</td>  <td>19522</td>  <td>22169</td>  <td>26478</td>  <td>36736</td> </tr>\r
89  <tr>  <td>Canada</td>  <td>13737</td>  <td>33573</td>  <td>35493</td>  <td>38659</td>  <td>44414</td> </tr>\r
90  <tr>  <td>Cape Verde</td>  <td>146</td>  <td>506</td>  <td>548</td>  <td>616</td>  <td>703</td> </tr>\r
91  <tr>  <td>Cayman Islands</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>56</td>  <td>59</td>  <td>63</td>  <td>66</td> </tr>\r
92  <tr>  <td>Central African Republic</td>  <td>1327</td>  <td>4422</td>  <td>4927</td>  <td>5747</td>  <td>7603</td> </tr>\r
93  <tr>  <td>Chad</td>  <td>2429</td>  <td>11206</td>  <td>13120</td>  <td>16906</td>  <td>27776</td> </tr>\r
94  <tr>  <td>Channel Islands</td>  <td>102</td>  <td>150</td>  <td>151</td>  <td>152</td>  <td>144</td> </tr>\r
95  <tr>  <td>Chile</td>  <td>6082</td>  <td>16970</td>  <td>17926</td>  <td>19266</td>  <td>20657</td> </tr>\r
96  <tr>  <td>China</td>  <td>544951</td>  <td>1345751</td>  <td>1395998</td>  <td>1453140</td>  <td>1417045</td> </tr>\r
97  <tr>  <td>China, Hong Kong SAR</td>  <td>1974</td>  <td>7022</td>  <td>7398</td>  <td>7969</td>  <td>8623</td> </tr>\r
98  <tr>  <td>China, Macao SAR</td>  <td>190</td>  <td>538</td>  <td>568</td>  <td>603</td>  <td>593</td> </tr>\r
99  <tr>  <td>Colombia</td>  <td>12000</td>  <td>45660</td>  <td>49385</td>  <td>54920</td>  <td>62877</td> </tr>\r
100  <tr>  <td>Comoros</td>  <td>156</td>  <td>676</td>  <td>767</td>  <td>907</td>  <td>1226</td> </tr>\r
101  <tr>  <td>Congo</td>  <td>808</td>  <td>3683</td>  <td>4225</td>  <td>5094</td>  <td>6863</td> </tr>\r
102  <tr>  <td>Cook Islands</td>  <td>15</td>  <td>20</td>  <td>20</td>  <td>21</td>  <td>24</td> </tr>\r
103  <tr>  <td>Costa Rica</td>  <td>966</td>  <td>4579</td>  <td>4957</td>  <td>5521</td>  <td>6373</td> </tr>\r
104  <tr>  <td>Côte d'Ivoire</td>  <td>2505</td>  <td>21075</td>  <td>24210</td>  <td>29738</td>  <td>43373</td> </tr>\r
105  <tr>  <td>Croatia</td>  <td>3850</td>  <td>4416</td>  <td>4370</td>  <td>4254</td>  <td>3825</td> </tr>\r
106  <tr>  <td>Cuba</td>  <td>5920</td>  <td>11204</td>  <td>11213</td>  <td>11148</td>  <td>9725</td> </tr>\r
107  <tr>  <td>Cyprus</td>  <td>494</td>  <td>871</td>  <td>925</td>  <td>1014</td>  <td>1175</td> </tr>\r
108  <tr>  <td>Czech Republic</td>  <td>8925</td>  <td>10369</td>  <td>10510</td>  <td>10573</td>  <td>10294</td> </tr>\r
109  <tr>  <td>Dem. People's Rep. of Korea</td>  <td>9737</td>  <td>23906</td>  <td>24399</td>  <td>25128</td>  <td>24562</td> </tr>\r
110  <tr>  <td>Dem. Republic of the Congo</td>  <td>12184</td>  <td>66020</td>  <td>77419</td>  <td>98123</td>  <td>147512</td> </tr>\r
111  <tr>  <td>Denmark</td>  <td>4271</td>  <td>5470</td>  <td>5523</td>  <td>5590</td>  <td>5551</td> </tr>\r
112  <tr>  <td>Djibouti</td>  <td>62</td>  <td>864</td>  <td>953</td>  <td>1111</td>  <td>1469</td> </tr>\r
113  <tr>  <td>Dominica</td>  <td>51</td>  <td>67</td>  <td>67</td>  <td>68</td>  <td>66</td> </tr>\r
114  <tr>  <td>Dominican Republic</td>  <td>2427</td>  <td>10090</td>  <td>10867</td>  <td>11973</td>  <td>13441</td> </tr>\r
115  <tr>  <td>Ecuador</td>  <td>3387</td>  <td>13625</td>  <td>14596</td>  <td>16074</td>  <td>17989</td> </tr>\r
116  <tr>  <td>Egypt</td>  <td>21514</td>  <td>82999</td>  <td>91778</td>  <td>104970</td>  <td>129533</td> </tr>\r
117  <tr>  <td>El Salvador</td>  <td>2200</td>  <td>6163</td>  <td>6383</td>  <td>6895</td>  <td>7882</td> </tr>\r
118  <tr>  <td>Equatorial Guinea</td>  <td>226</td>  <td>676</td>  <td>781</td>  <td>971</td>  <td>1445</td> </tr>\r
119  <tr>  <td>Eritrea</td>  <td>1141</td>  <td>5073</td>  <td>6009</td>  <td>7404</td>  <td>10787</td> </tr>\r
120  <tr>  <td>Estonia</td>  <td>1101</td>  <td>1340</td>  <td>1337</td>  <td>1321</td>  <td>1233</td> </tr>\r
121  <tr>  <td>Ethiopia</td>  <td>18434</td>  <td>82825</td>  <td>96237</td>  <td>119822</td>  <td>173811</td> </tr>\r
122  <tr>  <td>Faeroe Islands</td>  <td>32</td>  <td>50</td>  <td>52</td>  <td>55</td>  <td>58</td> </tr>\r
123  <tr>  <td>Falkland Islands (Malvinas)</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>3</td> </tr>\r
124  <tr>  <td>Fiji</td>  <td>289</td>  <td>849</td>  <td>874</td>  <td>905</td>  <td>910</td> </tr>\r
125  <tr>  <td>Finland</td>  <td>4009</td>  <td>5326</td>  <td>5432</td>  <td>5533</td>  <td>5445</td> </tr>\r
126  <tr>  <td>France</td>  <td>41832</td>  <td>62343</td>  <td>63900</td>  <td>65769</td>  <td>67668</td> </tr>\r
127  <tr>  <td>French Guiana</td>  <td>25</td>  <td>226</td>  <td>261</td>  <td>323</td>  <td>462</td> </tr>\r
128  <tr>  <td>French Polynesia</td>  <td>61</td>  <td>269</td>  <td>289</td>  <td>318</td>  <td>354</td> </tr>\r
129  <tr>  <td>Gabon</td>  <td>469</td>  <td>1475</td>  <td>1639</td>  <td>1915</td>  <td>2471</td> </tr>\r
130  <tr>  <td>Gambia</td>  <td>258</td>  <td>1705</td>  <td>1985</td>  <td>2478</td>  <td>3763</td> </tr>\r
131  <tr>  <td>Georgia</td>  <td>3527</td>  <td>4260</td>  <td>4084</td>  <td>3888</td>  <td>3267</td> </tr>\r
132  <tr>  <td>Germany</td>  <td>68376</td>  <td>82167</td>  <td>81346</td>  <td>79258</td>  <td>70504</td> </tr>\r
133  <tr>  <td>Ghana</td>  <td>4981</td>  <td>23837</td>  <td>26925</td>  <td>32233</td>  <td>45213</td> </tr>\r
134  <tr>  <td>Gibraltar</td>  <td>20</td>  <td>31</td>  <td>31</td>  <td>32</td>  <td>30</td> </tr>\r
135  <tr>  <td>Greece</td>  <td>7566</td>  <td>11161</td>  <td>11261</td>  <td>11274</td>  <td>10939</td> </tr>\r
136  <tr>  <td>Greenland</td>  <td>23</td>  <td>57</td>  <td>57</td>  <td>56</td>  <td>50</td> </tr>\r
137  <tr>  <td>Grenada</td>  <td>77</td>  <td>104</td>  <td>107</td>  <td>109</td>  <td>97</td> </tr>\r
138  <tr>  <td>Guadeloupe</td>  <td>210</td>  <td>465</td>  <td>476</td>  <td>489</td>  <td>477</td> </tr>\r
139  <tr>  <td>Guam</td>  <td>60</td>  <td>178</td>  <td>191</td>  <td>211</td>  <td>242</td> </tr>\r
140  <tr>  <td>Guatemala</td>  <td>3146</td>  <td>14027</td>  <td>16227</td>  <td>19927</td>  <td>27480</td> </tr>\r
141  <tr>  <td>Guinea</td>  <td>2619</td>  <td>10069</td>  <td>11844</td>  <td>15158</td>  <td>23975</td> </tr>\r
142  <tr>  <td>Guinea-Bissau</td>  <td>518</td>  <td>1611</td>  <td>1848</td>  <td>2296</td>  <td>3555</td> </tr>\r
143  <tr>  <td>Guyana</td>  <td>423</td>  <td>762</td>  <td>754</td>  <td>732</td>  <td>558</td> </tr>\r
144  <tr>  <td>Haiti</td>  <td>3221</td>  <td>10033</td>  <td>10957</td>  <td>12476</td>  <td>15485</td> </tr>\r
145  <tr>  <td>Holy See</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td> </tr>\r
146  <tr>  <td>Honduras</td>  <td>1487</td>  <td>7466</td>  <td>8386</td>  <td>9844</td>  <td>12402</td> </tr>\r
147  <tr>  <td>Hungary</td>  <td>9338</td>  <td>9993</td>  <td>9874</td>  <td>9647</td>  <td>8934</td> </tr>\r
148  <tr>  <td>Iceland</td>  <td>143</td>  <td>323</td>  <td>353</td>  <td>384</td>  <td>407</td> </tr>\r
149  <tr>  <td>India</td>  <td>371857</td>  <td>1198003</td>  <td>1294192</td>  <td>1431272</td>  <td>1613800</td> </tr>\r
150  <tr>  <td>Indonesia</td>  <td>77152</td>  <td>229965</td>  <td>244191</td>  <td>263287</td>  <td>288110</td> </tr>\r
151  <tr>  <td>Iran (Islamic Republic of)</td>  <td>16913</td>  <td>74196</td>  <td>79454</td>  <td>87134</td>  <td>96975</td> </tr>\r
152  <tr>  <td>Iraq</td>  <td>5719</td>  <td>30747</td>  <td>35884</td>  <td>44692</td>  <td>63995</td> </tr>\r
153  <tr>  <td>Ireland</td>  <td>2969</td>  <td>4515</td>  <td>4886</td>  <td>5370</td>  <td>6295</td> </tr>\r
154  <tr>  <td>Isle of Man</td>  <td>55</td>  <td>80</td>  <td>81</td>  <td>80</td>  <td>75</td> </tr>\r
155  <tr>  <td>Israel</td>  <td>1258</td>  <td>7170</td>  <td>7823</td>  <td>8769</td>  <td>10649</td> </tr>\r
156  <tr>  <td>Italy</td>  <td>46367</td>  <td>59870</td>  <td>60604</td>  <td>60018</td>  <td>57066</td> </tr>\r
157  <tr>  <td>Jamaica</td>  <td>1403</td>  <td>2719</td>  <td>2786</td>  <td>2866</td>  <td>2683</td> </tr>\r
158  <tr>  <td>Japan</td>  <td>82824</td>  <td>127156</td>  <td>125791</td>  <td>120793</td>  <td>101659</td> </tr>\r
159  <tr>  <td>Jordan</td>  <td>472</td>  <td>6316</td>  <td>6957</td>  <td>8088</td>  <td>10241</td> </tr>\r
160  <tr>  <td>Kazakhstan</td>  <td>6703</td>  <td>15637</td>  <td>16289</td>  <td>17025</td>  <td>17848</td> </tr>\r
161  <tr>  <td>Kenya</td>  <td>6077</td>  <td>39802</td>  <td>46433</td>  <td>57573</td>  <td>85410</td> </tr>\r
162  <tr>  <td>Kiribati</td>  <td>26</td>  <td>98</td>  <td>107</td>  <td>123</td>  <td>151</td> </tr>\r
163  <tr>  <td>Kuwait</td>  <td>152</td>  <td>2985</td>  <td>3378</td>  <td>3988</td>  <td>5240</td> </tr>\r
164  <tr>  <td>Kyrgyzstan</td>  <td>1740</td>  <td>5482</td>  <td>5877</td>  <td>6378</td>  <td>6882</td> </tr>\r
165  <tr>  <td>Lao People's Dem. Republic</td>  <td>1666</td>  <td>6320</td>  <td>7028</td>  <td>8273</td>  <td>10744</td> </tr>\r
166  <tr>  <td>Latvia</td>  <td>1949</td>  <td>2249</td>  <td>2197</td>  <td>2101</td>  <td>1854</td> </tr>\r
167  <tr>  <td>Lebanon</td>  <td>1443</td>  <td>4224</td>  <td>4426</td>  <td>4736</td>  <td>5033</td> </tr>\r
168  <tr>  <td>Lesotho</td>  <td>734</td>  <td>2067</td>  <td>2168</td>  <td>2306</td>  <td>2491</td> </tr>\r
169  <tr>  <td>Liberia</td>  <td>824</td>  <td>3955</td>  <td>4665</td>  <td>5858</td>  <td>8841</td> </tr>\r
170  <tr>  <td>Libyan Arab Jamahiriya</td>  <td>1029</td>  <td>6420</td>  <td>7158</td>  <td>8144</td>  <td>9819</td> </tr>\r
171  <tr>  <td>Liechtenstein</td>  <td>14</td>  <td>36</td>  <td>38</td>  <td>40</td>  <td>45</td> </tr>\r
172  <tr>  <td>Lithuania</td>  <td>2567</td>  <td>3287</td>  <td>3143</td>  <td>2985</td>  <td>2579</td> </tr>\r
173  <tr>  <td>Luxembourg</td>  <td>296</td>  <td>486</td>  <td>520</td>  <td>582</td>  <td>733</td> </tr>\r
174  <tr>  <td>Madagascar</td>  <td>4084</td>  <td>19625</td>  <td>22853</td>  <td>28595</td>  <td>42693</td> </tr>\r
175  <tr>  <td>Malawi</td>  <td>2881</td>  <td>15263</td>  <td>17998</td>  <td>23194</td>  <td>36575</td> </tr>\r
176  <tr>  <td>Malaysia</td>  <td>6110</td>  <td>27468</td>  <td>30041</td>  <td>33770</td>  <td>39664</td> </tr>\r
177  <tr>  <td>Maldives</td>  <td>82</td>  <td>309</td>  <td>338</td>  <td>384</td>  <td>455</td> </tr>\r
178  <tr>  <td>Mali</td>  <td>4268</td>  <td>13010</td>  <td>14993</td>  <td>18603</td>  <td>28260</td> </tr>\r
179  <tr>  <td>Malta</td>  <td>312</td>  <td>409</td>  <td>417</td>  <td>426</td>  <td>413</td> </tr>\r
180  <tr>  <td>Marshall Islands</td>  <td>13</td>  <td>62</td>  <td>70</td>  <td>79</td>  <td>92</td> </tr>\r
181  <tr>  <td>Martinique</td>  <td>222</td>  <td>405</td>  <td>411</td>  <td>418</td>  <td>393</td> </tr>\r
182  <tr>  <td>Mauritania</td>  <td>651</td>  <td>3291</td>  <td>3732</td>  <td>4443</td>  <td>6061</td> </tr>\r
183  <tr>  <td>Mauritius</td>  <td>493</td>  <td>1288</td>  <td>1337</td>  <td>1400</td>  <td>1426</td> </tr>\r
184  <tr>  <td>Mayotte</td>  <td>15</td>  <td>194</td>  <td>224</td>  <td>277</td>  <td>386</td> </tr>\r
185  <tr>  <td>Mexico</td>  <td>27741</td>  <td>109610</td>  <td>115528</td>  <td>123366</td>  <td>128964</td> </tr>\r
186  <tr>  <td>Micronesia (Fed. States of)</td>  <td>32</td>  <td>111</td>  <td>114</td>  <td>122</td>  <td>128</td> </tr>\r
187  <tr>  <td>Moldova (Republic of)</td>  <td>2341</td>  <td>3604</td>  <td>3462</td>  <td>3291</td>  <td>2734</td> </tr>\r
188  <tr>  <td>Monaco</td>  <td>20</td>  <td>33</td>  <td>33</td>  <td>35</td>  <td>38</td> </tr>\r
189  <tr>  <td>Mongolia</td>  <td>761</td>  <td>2671</td>  <td>2855</td>  <td>3134</td>  <td>3446</td> </tr>\r
190  <tr>  <td>Montenegro</td>  <td>399</td>  <td>624</td>  <td>627</td>  <td>633</td>  <td>618</td> </tr>\r
191  <tr>  <td>Montserrat</td>  <td>14</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>7</td> </tr>\r
192  <tr>  <td>Morocco</td>  <td>8953</td>  <td>31993</td>  <td>34330</td>  <td>37865</td>  <td>42583</td> </tr>\r
193  <tr>  <td>Mozambique</td>  <td>6442</td>  <td>22894</td>  <td>25957</td>  <td>31190</td>  <td>44148</td> </tr>\r
194  <tr>  <td>Myanmar</td>  <td>17158</td>  <td>50020</td>  <td>53087</td>  <td>57585</td>  <td>63373</td> </tr>\r
195  <tr>  <td>Namibia</td>  <td>485</td>  <td>2171</td>  <td>2412</td>  <td>2810</td>  <td>3588</td> </tr>\r
196  <tr>  <td>Nauru</td>  <td>3</td>  <td>10</td>  <td>11</td>  <td>11</td>  <td>11</td> </tr>\r
197  <tr>  <td>Nepal</td>  <td>8126</td>  <td>29331</td>  <td>32503</td>  <td>38031</td>  <td>49028</td> </tr>\r
198  <tr>  <td>Netherlands</td>  <td>10114</td>  <td>16592</td>  <td>16915</td>  <td>17348</td>  <td>17399</td> </tr>\r
199  <tr>  <td>Netherlands Antilles</td>  <td>112</td>  <td>198</td>  <td>207</td>  <td>210</td>  <td>192</td> </tr>\r
200  <tr>  <td>New Caledonia</td>  <td>65</td>  <td>250</td>  <td>271</td>  <td>304</td>  <td>362</td> </tr>\r
201  <tr>  <td>New Zealand</td>  <td>1908</td>  <td>4266</td>  <td>4492</td>  <td>4831</td>  <td>5349</td> </tr>\r
202  <tr>  <td>Nicaragua</td>  <td>1295</td>  <td>5743</td>  <td>6265</td>  <td>7058</td>  <td>8143</td> </tr>\r
203  <tr>  <td>Niger</td>  <td>2462</td>  <td>15290</td>  <td>19150</td>  <td>27388</td>  <td>58216</td> </tr>\r
204  <tr>  <td>Nigeria</td>  <td>36680</td>  <td>154729</td>  <td>175928</td>  <td>210057</td>  <td>289083</td> </tr>\r
205  <tr>  <td>Niue</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td> </tr>\r
206  <tr>  <td>Northern Mariana Islands</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>87</td>  <td>96</td>  <td>111</td>  <td>151</td> </tr>\r
207  <tr>  <td>Norway</td>  <td>3265</td>  <td>4812</td>  <td>5036</td>  <td>5365</td>  <td>5947</td> </tr>\r
208  <tr>  <td>Occupied Palestinian Territory</td>  <td>1005</td>  <td>4277</td>  <td>5090</td>  <td>6553</td>  <td>10265</td> </tr>\r
209  <tr>  <td>Oman</td>  <td>456</td>  <td>2845</td>  <td>3198</td>  <td>3782</td>  <td>4878</td> </tr>\r
210  <tr>  <td>Pakistan</td>  <td>41177</td>  <td>180808</td>  <td>205504</td>  <td>246286</td>  <td>335195</td> </tr>\r
211  <tr>  <td>Palau</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>20</td>  <td>21</td>  <td>23</td>  <td>26</td> </tr>\r
212  <tr>  <td>Panama</td>  <td>860</td>  <td>3454</td>  <td>3773</td>  <td>4267</td>  <td>5092</td> </tr>\r
213  <tr>  <td>Papua New Guinea</td>  <td>1798</td>  <td>6732</td>  <td>7678</td>  <td>9265</td>  <td>12871</td> </tr>\r
214  <tr>  <td>Paraguay</td>  <td>1473</td>  <td>6349</td>  <td>7007</td>  <td>8026</td>  <td>9867</td> </tr>\r
215  <tr>  <td>Peru</td>  <td>7632</td>  <td>29165</td>  <td>31197</td>  <td>34528</td>  <td>39776</td> </tr>\r
216  <tr>  <td>Philippines</td>  <td>19996</td>  <td>91983</td>  <td>101734</td>  <td>117270</td>  <td>146156</td> </tr>\r
217  <tr>  <td>Pitcairn</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>0</td>  <td>0</td> </tr>\r
218  <tr>  <td>Poland</td>  <td>24824</td>  <td>38074</td>  <td>37788</td>  <td>36964</td>  <td>32013</td> </tr>\r
219  <tr>  <td>Portugal</td>  <td>8405</td>  <td>10707</td>  <td>10787</td>  <td>10706</td>  <td>10015</td> </tr>\r
220  <tr>  <td>Puerto Rico</td>  <td>2218</td>  <td>3982</td>  <td>4074</td>  <td>4176</td>  <td>4103</td> </tr>\r
221  <tr>  <td>Qatar</td>  <td>25</td>  <td>1409</td>  <td>1630</td>  <td>1848</td>  <td>2316</td> </tr>\r
222  <tr>  <td>Republic of Korea</td>  <td>19211</td>  <td>48333</td>  <td>49153</td>  <td>49484</td>  <td>44077</td> </tr>\r
223  <tr>  <td>Réunion</td>  <td>248</td>  <td>827</td>  <td>886</td>  <td>973</td>  <td>1096</td> </tr>\r
224  <tr>  <td>Romania</td>  <td>16311</td>  <td>21275</td>  <td>20787</td>  <td>19961</td>  <td>17279</td> </tr>\r
225  <tr>  <td>Russian Federation</td>  <td>102702</td>  <td>140874</td>  <td>137983</td>  <td>132345</td>  <td>116097</td> </tr>\r
226  <tr>  <td>Rwanda</td>  <td>2162</td>  <td>9998</td>  <td>11743</td>  <td>14676</td>  <td>22082</td> </tr>\r
227  <tr>  <td>Saint Helena</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>4</td>  <td>4</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>5</td> </tr>\r
228  <tr>  <td>Saint Kitts and Nevis</td>  <td>46</td>  <td>52</td>  <td>56</td>  <td>61</td>  <td>69</td> </tr>\r
229  <tr>  <td>Saint Lucia</td>  <td>83</td>  <td>172</td>  <td>182</td>  <td>198</td>  <td>217</td> </tr>\r
230  <tr>  <td>Saint Pierre and Miquelon</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>6</td>  <td>6</td> </tr>\r
231  <tr>  <td>St. Vincent and the Grenadines</td>  <td>67</td>  <td>109</td>  <td>110</td>  <td>111</td>  <td>119</td> </tr>\r
232  <tr>  <td>Samoa</td>  <td>82</td>  <td>179</td>  <td>181</td>  <td>188</td>  <td>192</td> </tr>\r
233  <tr>  <td>San Marino</td>  <td>13</td>  <td>31</td>  <td>32</td>  <td>33</td>  <td>33</td> </tr>\r
234  <tr>  <td>Sao Tome and Principe</td>  <td>60</td>  <td>163</td>  <td>180</td>  <td>216</td>  <td>296</td> </tr>\r
235  <tr>  <td>Saudi Arabia</td>  <td>3201</td>  <td>25721</td>  <td>28933</td>  <td>34176</td>  <td>43658</td> </tr>\r
236  <tr>  <td>Senegal</td>  <td>2416</td>  <td>12534</td>  <td>14526</td>  <td>17861</td>  <td>26102</td> </tr>\r
237  <tr>  <td>Serbia</td>  <td>6732</td>  <td>9850</td>  <td>9828</td>  <td>9720</td>  <td>9193</td> </tr>\r
238  <tr>  <td>Seychelles</td>  <td>36</td>  <td>84</td>  <td>86</td>  <td>91</td>  <td>97</td> </tr>\r
239  <tr>  <td>Sierra Leone</td>  <td>1944</td>  <td>5696</td>  <td>6557</td>  <td>8112</td>  <td>12446</td> </tr>\r
240  <tr>  <td>Singapore</td>  <td>1022</td>  <td>4737</td>  <td>5059</td>  <td>5362</td>  <td>5221</td> </tr>\r
241  <tr>  <td>Slovakia</td>  <td>3463</td>  <td>5406</td>  <td>5437</td>  <td>5413</td>  <td>4917</td> </tr>\r
242  <tr>  <td>Slovenia</td>  <td>1473</td>  <td>2020</td>  <td>2044</td>  <td>2050</td>  <td>1954</td> </tr>\r
243  <tr>  <td>Solomon Islands</td>  <td>90</td>  <td>523</td>  <td>599</td>  <td>725</td>  <td>1007</td> </tr>\r
244  <tr>  <td>Somalia</td>  <td>2264</td>  <td>9133</td>  <td>10731</td>  <td>13922</td>  <td>23522</td> </tr>\r
245  <tr>  <td>South Africa</td>  <td>13683</td>  <td>50110</td>  <td>51684</td>  <td>53766</td>  <td>56802</td> </tr>\r
246  <tr>  <td>Spain</td>  <td>28009</td>  <td>44904</td>  <td>47203</td>  <td>49265</td>  <td>51260</td> </tr>\r
247  <tr>  <td>Sri Lanka</td>  <td>8241</td>  <td>20238</td>  <td>21167</td>  <td>22033</td>  <td>21705</td> </tr>\r
248  <tr>  <td>Sudan</td>  <td>9190</td>  <td>42272</td>  <td>47730</td>  <td>56688</td>  <td>75884</td> </tr>\r
249  <tr>  <td>Suriname</td>  <td>215</td>  <td>520</td>  <td>547</td>  <td>586</td>  <td>619</td> </tr>\r
250  <tr>  <td>Swaziland</td>  <td>273</td>  <td>1185</td>  <td>1287</td>  <td>1455</td>  <td>1749</td> </tr>\r
251  <tr>  <td>Sweden</td>  <td>7014</td>  <td>9249</td>  <td>9498</td>  <td>9915</td>  <td>10571</td> </tr>\r
252  <tr>  <td>Switzerland</td>  <td>4693</td>  <td>7568</td>  <td>7736</td>  <td>8020</td>  <td>8514</td> </tr>\r
253  <tr>  <td>Syrian Arab Republic</td>  <td>3536</td>  <td>21906</td>  <td>24494</td>  <td>28592</td>  <td>36911</td> </tr>\r
254  <tr>  <td>Tajikistan</td>  <td>1532</td>  <td>6952</td>  <td>7761</td>  <td>9075</td>  <td>11111</td> </tr>\r
255  <tr>  <td>TFYR Macedonia</td>  <td>1230</td>  <td>2042</td>  <td>2045</td>  <td>2037</td>  <td>1857</td> </tr>\r
256  <tr>  <td>Thailand</td>  <td>20607</td>  <td>67764</td>  <td>69939</td>  <td>72628</td>  <td>73361</td> </tr>\r
257  <tr>  <td>Timor-Leste</td>  <td>433</td>  <td>1134</td>  <td>1385</td>  <td>1869</td>  <td>3217</td> </tr>\r
258  <tr>  <td>Togo</td>  <td>1329</td>  <td>6619</td>  <td>7607</td>  <td>9282</td>  <td>13196</td> </tr>\r
259  <tr>  <td>Tokelau</td>  <td>2</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td>  <td>1</td> </tr>\r
260  <tr>  <td>Tonga</td>  <td>47</td>  <td>104</td>  <td>105</td>  <td>112</td>  <td>123</td> </tr>\r
261  <tr>  <td>Trinidad and Tobago</td>  <td>636</td>  <td>1339</td>  <td>1368</td>  <td>1388</td>  <td>1278</td> </tr>\r
262  <tr>  <td>Tunisia</td>  <td>3530</td>  <td>10272</td>  <td>10884</td>  <td>11797</td>  <td>12711</td> </tr>\r
263  <tr>  <td>Turkey</td>  <td>21484</td>  <td>74816</td>  <td>79966</td>  <td>87364</td>  <td>97389</td> </tr>\r
264  <tr>  <td>Turkmenistan</td>  <td>1211</td>  <td>5110</td>  <td>5509</td>  <td>6072</td>  <td>6796</td> </tr>\r
265  <tr>  <td>Turks and Caicos Islands</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>33</td>  <td>35</td>  <td>38</td>  <td>40</td> </tr>\r
266  <tr>  <td>Tuvalu</td>  <td>5</td>  <td>10</td>  <td>10</td>  <td>11</td>  <td>11</td> </tr>\r
267  <tr>  <td>Uganda</td>  <td>5158</td>  <td>32710</td>  <td>39710</td>  <td>53406</td>  <td>91271</td> </tr>\r
268  <tr>  <td>Ukraine</td>  <td>37298</td>  <td>45708</td>  <td>44165</td>  <td>41617</td>  <td>35026</td> </tr>\r
269  <tr>  <td>United Arab Emirates</td>  <td>70</td>  <td>4599</td>  <td>5193</td>  <td>6109</td>  <td>8253</td> </tr>\r
270  <tr>  <td>United Kingdom</td>  <td>50616</td>  <td>61565</td>  <td>63528</td>  <td>66601</td>  <td>72365</td> </tr>\r
271  <tr>  <td>United Republic of Tanzania</td>  <td>7650</td>  <td>43739</td>  <td>52109</td>  <td>67394</td>  <td>109450</td> </tr>\r
272  <tr>  <td>United States of America</td>  <td>157813</td>  <td>314659</td>  <td>332334</td>  <td>358735</td>  <td>403932</td> </tr>\r
273  <tr>  <td>United States Virgin Islands</td>  <td>27</td>  <td>110</td>  <td>108</td>  <td>103</td>  <td>75</td> </tr>\r
274  <tr>  <td>Uruguay</td>  <td>2239</td>  <td>3361</td>  <td>3430</td>  <td>3546</td>  <td>3637</td> </tr>\r
275  <tr>  <td>Uzbekistan</td>  <td>6314</td>  <td>27488</td>  <td>29456</td>  <td>32715</td>  <td>36439</td> </tr>\r
276  <tr>  <td>Vanuatu</td>  <td>48</td>  <td>240</td>  <td>276</td>  <td>338</td>  <td>482</td> </tr>\r
277  <tr>  <td>Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)</td>  <td>5094</td>  <td>28583</td>  <td>31292</td>  <td>35370</td>  <td>42042</td> </tr>\r
278  <tr>  <td>Viet Nam</td>  <td>27367</td>  <td>88069</td>  <td>93647</td>  <td>102054</td>  <td>111666</td> </tr>\r
279  <tr>  <td>Wallis and Futuna Islands</td>  <td>7</td>  <td>15</td>  <td>16</td>  <td>17</td>  <td>17</td> </tr>\r
280  <tr>  <td>Western Sahara</td>  <td>14</td>  <td>513</td>  <td>625</td>  <td>775</td>  <td>938</td> </tr>\r
281  <tr>  <td>Yemen</td>  <td>4316</td>  <td>23580</td>  <td>27819</td>  <td>35509</td>  <td>53689</td> </tr>\r
282  <tr>  <td>Zambia</td>  <td>2340</td>  <td>12935</td>  <td>14980</td>  <td>18890</td>  <td>28957</td> </tr>\r
283  <tr>  <td>Zimbabwe</td>  <td>2747</td>  <td>12523</td>  <td>14029</td>  <td>16780</td>  <td>22178</td> </tr>\r
284 </tbody>\r
285 </table>\r
286 \r
287 \r
288 </body>\r
289 </html>\r
290 \r