descriptionInfodrom Phone Responder
ownerJoey Schulze
last changeSun, 27 Feb 2011 15:52:21 +0000 (16:52 +0100)
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeAdd move functionality master
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeAdjust call list to be scrollable
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeRemove bottom margin from title
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdd title message to configured messages
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeEmit error message when a directory cannot be opened
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdd 'seconds' to number of seconds
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdjust CSS
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzePreserve highlighted row during context menu operation
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeStop event propagation based on
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeIgnore requests from NSPlayer aka mplayer since the...
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeUser files for conversion to provide the file size
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeMake list of internal messages invisible on startup
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeDisplay the call note as title
2011-02-25 Joey Schulzeexplicitly allow equality in compare
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeNew image for internal messages from gew-huf-kassel...
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeAllow playing of internal messages
9 years ago master