descriptionNotificator for incoming mail
ownerJoey Schulze
last changeSat, 27 Jun 2009 17:23:35 +0000 (17:23 +0000)
2009-06-27 Joey SchulzeOnly detect ^From_ and not '^from_' by accident master
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeUpdated copyright date upstream_newmail_0-5
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzePrepare for the new version
2008-04-25 Joey SchulzeSplit lines before column 80
2008-04-25 Joey SchulzeOnly ignore linear-white-space between two encoded...
2008-04-21 Joey SchulzeRevert former patch
2008-04-21 Joey SchulzeCopy enough characters up to the encoding
2008-04-21 Joey SchulzePatch by Marian ??urkovi??: Support header values longe...
2008-04-21 Joey SchulzeAdjust the version
2008-04-21 Joey SchulzeCorrection by Marian ??urkovi??
2007-11-22 Joey SchulzeTerminate if the tty is gone
2007-07-30 Joey SchulzeMore precaution about arbitrary console output
2007-07-29 Joey SchulzeDon't report about a new mail when there hasn't been...
2007-05-20 Joey SchulzeWhen using iconv(3) from and to areas must not overlap...
2007-05-20 Joey SchulzeIncrease the header size so that forwarded mails with...
2007-05-20 Joey Schulzepaths.h may not be available elsewhere
12 years ago upstream_newmail_0-5
15 years ago upstream_newmail_0-4
16 years ago upstream_newmail_0-3
11 years ago master