2020-12-01 Joey SchulzeDetect PHP flexibly, assert wland configuration master
2020-12-01 Joey SchulzeAssert sqlite package to be installed
2020-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport uplink network management when two wlan devices...
2020-02-26 Joey SchulzeSupport playlist management
2020-02-26 Joey SchulzeAdd link to public page
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeImprove framework
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeCache directory has been moved to /media/music
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeImprove button
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeAdd password-less page with searches
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeMove files out of the admin folder
2018-12-25 Joey SchulzeRename admin to passwd, and index to admin
2018-12-20 Joey SchulzeFix path
2018-12-20 Joey SchulzeEnsure the trigger file to be removed
2018-11-25 Joey SchulzeAllow to trigger rescan via admin interface
2018-11-25 Joey SchulzeIgnore locally added htpasswd file
2018-11-25 Joey SchulzeAdd empty main HTML file
2018-11-25 Joey SchulzeAdd Installation script and config templates
2018-11-25 Joey SchulzeMove HTML files into admin/ directory
2018-11-24 Joey SchulzeFinish web interface for admin
2018-11-24 Joey SchulzeFinish framework, include W3.css build web site via...
2018-11-24 Joey SchulzeBackend programs
2018-11-24 Joey SchulzeEmpty sceleton