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2001-12-10 Joey SchulzeNew translation by Walter
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2001-03-27 Joey SchulzeAdded resolver(5) by Martin Schmitt
2001-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdded hosts(5) by Florian Jenn
2001-01-10 Joey SchulzeKleinigkeiten
2001-01-10 Joey SchulzeMoved environ.5 to environ.7
1999-07-04 Andreas BraukmannSyntaxcheck for any files.
1999-06-29 Joey SchulzeAdded addition from Jochen Hein.
1999-02-23 Joey SchulzeUnified Copyright notice for Michael Haard
1999-01-31 Andreas BraukmannAdd manpath.5 from Anke Steuernagel and Nils Magnus
1999-01-16 Andreas BraukmannChecked and changed syntax of manpages
1999-01-16 Andreas BraukmannAdd environ.5, fs.5, ipc.5, services.5 and termcap...
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