Imported tab->space correction by redhat
[infodrom/manpages-de] / Makefile
2003-02-17 Joey SchulzeWhen there is a way to gzip the files, there should...
2003-02-17 Joey SchulzeHmm, that was stupid.
2003-02-17 Joey SchulzeRemove compressed manpages as well.
2003-02-17 Joey SchulzeImprovement by Mathias Jeschke, nowardays /usr/share...
2003-02-17 Joey SchulzeCorrection by Mathias Jeschke
2001-01-19 Joey SchulzeUpdates nach Abgleich mit Daniel Kobras
1999-02-07 Joey SchulzeImproved install target
1998-01-18 Joey SchulzeImport of bare source release-1.0