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2006-11-27 Joey SchulzeFinalised the changelog release-0.5
2005-03-25 Joey SchulzeKorrekturen von Jens Seidel
2004-11-28 Joey SchulzeMoved changes to the proper changelog block. Thanks...
2004-01-02 Joey SchulzeUpdates by Jens Seidel
2002-08-26 Joey SchulzeNew translations
2002-06-22 Joey SchulzeMost recent update
2002-04-09 Joey SchulzeLet's reflect the current state
2002-01-01 Joey SchulzePreparing a new release...
2001-12-30 Joey SchulzeUpdates to reflect last additions
2001-12-18 Joey SchulzeUpdated changelog file
2001-12-01 Joey SchulzeUpdated ChangeLog and contributors list
2001-03-30 Joey Schulze * Updated printf(3), ioctl(2), ioctl_list(2) and...
2001-01-22 Joey SchulzeAdded fileutils manpages, converted by Michael Piefel
2001-01-21 Joey SchulzeLast Updates release-0.3
2001-01-13 Joey SchulzeUpdates
2001-01-12 Joey SchulzeAktualisierungen fuer die neuen Seiten
2001-01-11 Joey SchulzeAdded new translation to ps(1) by Martin Schulze
2001-01-10 Joey SchulzeMoved environ.5 to environ.7
2001-01-10 Joey Schulze2 neue Seiten
2001-01-06 Joey SchulzeAdded chown.2 translated by Florian Jenn
1999-07-04 Andreas BraukmannAdd getpapersize.2,erf.3,ffs.3 translated by Regine...
1999-05-27 Joey Schulzeupdated
1999-05-19 Andreas BraukmannAdd hypot.3 from Regina Bast to CVS
1999-04-26 Andreas BraukmannAdd cdrecord.1 and assert.3 to CVS
1999-03-16 Joey SchulzeRemoved some files, wrote CHANGELOG file. debian-0.2-1 release-0.2
1998-11-16 Joey Schulzefoo
1998-11-15 Joey SchulzeAdded CHANGES as changelog file. It only consists...