2014-02-24 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'input-check-clear', 'listedit', 'rico... master
2014-02-24 Joey SchulzeAdd support for popup editing inside a live grid
2014-02-24 Joey SchulzeClear error info after successful editing
2014-02-24 Joey SchulzeAdd errorInfor function to database class
2014-02-24 Joey SchulzeRico Bugfix: Prevent translation error
2013-12-22 Joey SchulzeNeed to supply the sequence name and noth the schema...
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'ILIKE', 'brokensession', 'autologout...
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeUse EQ filter for text filters in columns with type...
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeSupport case insensitive query for substrings
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeAdd button background for custom buttons
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeAdd colorised background for builtin buttons
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeEnsure there is enough space above of the second grid
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeRemove superflous comment
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeAutomatically redirect to logout page if session seems...
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeImprove text message when session is expired
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeAllow at most 8h for the session
2013-12-21 Joey SchulzeSupport last insert id via Database class
2013-10-16 Joey SchulzeClassify .docx similar to .doc as word document
2013-09-16 Joey SchulzeSecond strike: Convert permission check
2013-09-16 Joey SchulzeFirst of all, switch menu generation to new Database...
2013-09-16 Joey SchulzeSwitch to intelligent Database class
2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdd UTF8 charset to text content types
2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeRemove debug output
2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdd icon for text files
2013-05-19 Joey SchulzeAdd new TeX and SQL icons
2013-05-19 Joey SchulzeAdd new graphic icon
2013-04-23 Joey SchulzeImprove login color
2013-04-18 Joey SchulzeExchange eval by call_user_func
2013-04-13 Joey SchulzeSpecial XML conversion code for Firefox >= 20.0
2013-04-05 Joey SchulzeUse new possibility to provide distinct queries
2013-04-05 Joey SchulzeAdd support for programmer provided DISTINCT query
2013-02-25 Joey SchulzeImprove select filter handling
2013-02-25 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'login' and 'logout'
2013-02-25 Joey SchulzeImprove forced logout handling
2013-02-25 Joey SchulzeMove login table up/down and left/right depending on...
2013-01-22 Joey SchulzeImprove rows for second table
2013-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust handling for second grid
2013-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust definition for second table
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeSupport show/hide for second table
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeCorrect CSS
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeMove JS code for grids into return value
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeMove grid init JS code out of function
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeKeep scroll position
2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeAdd returnpath and adjust encoding
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeNarrow column
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeNo need to specify border
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeDisplay icon according to filetype
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeAdd new icons with 12 pixel height
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'focus', 'system' and 'form-background'
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeFocus on first form element upon record load
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeAdd new key for input item background on focus
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeAdd name of item
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeWiden columns
2012-10-10 Joey SchulzePrevent error when leaving the first element right...
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'login_img' and 'switch'
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeAllow hiding of form
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeCode simplification
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeLet JavaScript calculate the image height
2012-10-04 Joey SchulzeCode improvements
2012-06-04 Joey SchulzeFix substring search in LiveGrid column
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeOnly inspect result data if existent
2012-03-23 Joey SchulzeApply filter after changing the filter input field
2012-03-13 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'buttons' and 'ff3510'
2012-03-13 Joey SchulzeDisable insert button during upload preparations
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeExtend upload error condition for new HTML5 features
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'files-width', 'ff35' and 'ff10'
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeSupport file uploads for new browsers with HTML5
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeEmit error when using the wrong Firefox version
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjust width of text input field
2012-03-11 Joey SchulzeNew function to improve support files in masks
2012-01-18 Joey SchulzeCode improvements
2012-01-18 Joey SchulzeSupport prompting for ther values than pre-defined
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeDon't try to fetch data when the changes status is...
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeAllow the changes status to be hidden
2012-01-17 Joey SchulzeKeep the session for nearly one hour
2011-12-28 Joey SchulzeFunction to send mail with attachment
2011-12-27 Joey SchulzeOnly focus when there is something to focus on...
2011-12-27 Joey SchulzeMove sending of files into simple function
2011-10-02 Joey SchulzeAllow lookup fields for row selection aka drilldown
2011-10-02 Joey SchulzeCatch exception when reading a file
2011-10-02 Joey SchulzeEncode filename into UTF-8
2011-09-25 Joey SchulzeReorganise page
2011-09-24 Joey SchulzeAllow reference column to be named other than id
2011-09-24 Joey SchulzeImprove ODT field replacement
2011-09-22 Joey SchulzeWiden date column
2011-09-22 Joey SchulzeImprove item ordering
2011-09-22 Joey SchulzeNew AJAX backend for boolean column in plain table
2011-08-17 Joey SchulzeUpdated menu system from
2011-07-23 Joey SchulzeOnly display naked error info
2011-07-23 Joey SchulzeAllow empty referer
2011-07-20 Joey SchulzeAllow custom drill down function
2011-07-20 Joey SchulzeUse proper values for form submit
2011-07-20 Joey SchulzeCheck for existance before using the value
2011-07-20 Joey SchulzeAdd off-value for checkboxes
2011-07-19 Joey SchulzeAllos enabling and disabling of arbitrary buttons
2011-07-19 Joey SchulzeNeed to chdir back into an existing directory
2011-07-18 Joey SchulzeCheck for destination file existance as well
2011-07-18 Joey SchulzeRemove debug statement
2011-07-18 Joey SchulzeAdd utility functions
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeCheck for existance before using the value