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2013-01-19 Joey SchulzeCorrect CSS
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2011-07-19 Joey SchulzeAllos enabling and disabling of arbitrary buttons
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2011-02-22 Joey SchulzeAdd vertical padding for page and table titles
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeAdjust stylesheet
2010-12-13 Joey SchulzeAdd right padding for decimal numbers
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeAdd padding to details box
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2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeAdd window information for grid
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeDarken font color in details box
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjust color in details box
2010-03-07 Joey SchulzeAlter height of login background image
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeAdjust textarea border
2010-03-05 Joey SchulzeWiden textarea
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeAdd support for calendar input values
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeMove background image into images directory
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeHide elements that would be displayed right of the...
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeUse class for box style so there can be multiple
2010-02-26 Joey SchulzeAdd title to formular, improved arrangement for button
2010-02-26 Joey SchulzeMove edit box left to the table
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeDisplay information about time of last edit
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeImproved layout for detail box
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeNew area to report status messages and errors
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeSome updates
2010-02-24 Joey SchulzeImplement login facility and basic user handling
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeUpdated layout
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeStyle information