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2013-10-16 Joey SchulzeClassify .docx similar to .doc as word document
2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdd icon for text files
2013-05-19 Joey SchulzeAdd new TeX and SQL icons
2013-04-05 Joey SchulzeUse new possibility to provide distinct queries
2013-01-22 Joey SchulzeImprove rows for second table
2013-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust definition for second table
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeNarrow column
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeNo need to specify border
2012-12-17 Joey SchulzeDisplay icon according to filetype
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'focus', 'system' and 'form-background'
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeAdd name of item
2012-10-11 Joey SchulzeWiden columns
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'files-width', 'ff35' and 'ff10'
2012-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjust width of text input field
2011-09-22 Joey SchulzeWiden date column
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeTurn function name into string
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeRenamed table column
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeRenamed key into item
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeSwitch to PDO
2011-05-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust vertical spacing for additional buttons
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeAdd frame editing framework
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeThe title is mandatory
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeAllow shadow masks
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeAdd predelete and postinsert and pass last inerted...
2011-05-04 Joey SchulzeDefine some values as required
2011-03-15 Joey SchulzeOpen file in new window (if it isn't proposed to download)
2011-03-06 Joey SchulzeUse general function for downloading the stored file
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeAllow downloading of stored files
2011-02-24 Joey SchulzeDon't emit data when fetching details
2011-02-24 Joey SchulzeAdjust table dimensions
2011-02-24 Joey SchulzeSet maximum exportable rows
2011-02-22 Joey SchulzeImplement themes
2011-02-21 Joey SchulzeShort readme with instructions for forms
2011-02-21 Joey SchulzeAllow downloading of stored files
2011-02-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust font size in decommision popup
2011-02-20 Joey SchulzeAllow adding a comment when decomisioning
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeLocations for hardware database
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeAdd document management
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeImprove Hardware Database
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeDisplay some details
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeBase hardware module
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeAdjustments for move into module
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeMove system masks into system module
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeBegin hardware module
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeSupport modules
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeRemove old definitions
2010-12-09 Joey SchulzeUse Rico.TableColumn.lookup and table for some columns
2010-09-02 Joey SchulzeAdjust line break tag
2010-07-28 Joey SchulzeDamn, a checkbox returns 'on' for true
2010-06-01 Joey SchulzeAdd column filters
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeConvert commas into dots
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeAdd edit possibility for einsatz metadata, allow indivi...
2010-05-09 Joey SchulzeReformat decimal values
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeMove control fields
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeAdjust field sizes
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeNew form for editing einsaetze
2010-04-15 Joey SchulzeAdjust hour field names
2010-04-14 Joey SchulzeAllow einsatze without tools
2010-04-14 Joey SchulzeDisplay personal for einsatz
2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeAdd selection text
2010-03-26 Joey SchulzeUpdate formular
2010-03-17 Joey SchulzeAdd empty option
2010-03-17 Joey SchulzeDelete field
2010-03-16 Joey SchulzeAdd missing JOIN statements to SQL query
2010-03-15 Joey SchulzeRemove require flag from devices
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden columns
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFix umlauts
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeNew form according to mail request
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeReally calculate sums
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd kostenstelle to details box
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdjustment of list according to mail specification
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd date
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeDisplay comments if available
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeAdd empty default option
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeCheck form values before inserting new data, reset...
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeFormat name differently
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-03-12 Joey SchulzeWiden column
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd cleaned flag
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeReduce space
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd details according to mail request
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd empty default field for select options
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd another ORDER BY part
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdd ORDER BY part
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeAdjust table
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeReload page after saving, fix NULL value
2010-03-11 Joey SchulzeNew input form for reports
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust width
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust table to new table structure
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDon't update the table after adding material, update...
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSort details before building the table body
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeDisplay gebiet
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdjust form to new table einsatz and co.
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeRename internal variable
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeNeue Abfragen
2010-03-09 Joey SchulzeWiden column