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2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdd UTF8 charset to text content types
2013-05-26 Joey SchulzeRemove debug output
2013-04-05 Joey SchulzeAdd support for programmer provided DISTINCT query
2011-12-27 Joey SchulzeMove sending of files into simple function
2011-10-02 Joey SchulzeEncode filename into UTF-8
2011-09-24 Joey SchulzeAllow reference column to be named other than id
2011-09-22 Joey SchulzeNew AJAX backend for boolean column in plain table
2011-07-20 Joey SchulzeCheck for existance before using the value
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeCheck for existance before using the value
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeFunction connect_db was renamed into db_connect earlier
2011-07-17 Joey SchulzeSwitch to PDO
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeAllow text values for hidden fields
2011-05-08 Joey SchulzeAdd predelete and postinsert and pass last inerted...
2011-03-08 Joey SchulzeNeed to escape filenames as well
2011-03-06 Joey SchulzeProvide general function for downloading arbitrary...
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeAllow downloading of stored files
2011-02-21 Joey SchulzeDon't allow directory listing
2011-02-20 Joey SchulzeNeed to encode input data as UTF-8 on insert since...
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeSupport secondary tables
2011-02-14 Joey SchulzeSupport file upload via AJAX
2011-02-13 Joey SchulzeAllow custom backend functions
2011-02-13 Joey SchulzeSupport special html type for raw html code
2011-02-13 Joey SchulzeUse _REQUEST for some general fields
2011-02-13 Joey SchulzeConvert date from German format to ISO
2010-12-10 Joey SchulzeLimit new rows to insert to those that are missing
2010-05-13 Joey SchulzeMove real deletion into function, allow external deleti...
2010-05-12 Joey SchulzeSupport deletion in secondary tables via array tables_d...
2010-04-16 Joey SchulzeSupport custom save function
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeSupport mask specific insert functions
2010-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdd transmitted parameter to info responses
2010-03-09 Joey Schulze*sigh* empty('0') evaluates to true even though the...
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeEncode password with new users' login
2010-03-08 Joey SchulzeEncode password with new users' login
2010-03-06 Joey SchulzeCheck permissions when accessing pages
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport calculation of details values via a function...
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeAdd support for secondary tables for editing
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeHandle hidden fields as if they were integers
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport arbitrary callback queries
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeSupport data coming from non-canonical fields and ignor...
2010-03-04 Joey SchulzeReorganise variables as array so that postcall works...
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeSupport filters for reference tables in checkbox controls
2010-03-03 Joey SchulzeDon't need the array key but a value
2010-03-01 Joey SchulzeFormat date values with German date format
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport option values as strings as well
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport select fields, add missing curley brackets
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport required fields - report information into backend
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeAdd support for saving decimal values
2010-02-28 Joey SchulzeSupport NULL values if requested
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeSupport for database oriented checkboxes as control...
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeRecalculate the query in case it contains session variables
2010-02-27 Joey SchulzeAdd framework for setting variables from frontend store...
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeDisplay information about time of last edit
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeImproved handling of passwords (encrypt upon storage...
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdd support for password fields
2010-02-25 Joey Schulze . Implement save, insert and delete for records
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeAutomatically calculate the filesystem path of the...
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeSupport boolean fields alias checkboxes
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeRename mask parameter into source
2010-02-25 Joey SchulzeAdd AJAX backend for fetching data and filling the...
2010-02-24 Joey SchulzeMove general management into init.php
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeBackend function to provide some details
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeNew index with basic functions
2010-01-20 Joey SchulzeAdd LiveGrid SQL backend