descriptionPaperless money transfer with German banks on floppies
ownerJoey Schulze
last changeMon, 27 Jul 2009 07:45:15 +0000 (07:45 +0000)
2009-07-27 Joey SchulzeNew version master
2009-07-26 Joey SchulzeChangelog, ready for release
2009-07-26 Joey Schulze* the "Referenz"-Option within A-Records was completely...
2009-07-26 Joey SchulzeConvert option names without parameter into lowercase...
2009-07-26 Joey SchulzeAdjust years
2009-07-26 Joey SchulzeCorrect condition
2009-07-26 Joey SchulzeHandle too long values, i.e. bail out
2009-07-25 Joey SchulzeRemove superflous code
2009-07-25 Joey SchulzeBe more explicit for malloc() calls
2009-07-15 Joey SchulzeDon't emit text records twice
2005-08-26 Joey SchulzeJens Rohler: prevent negative numbers
2005-08-26 Joey SchulzeJens Rohler: Include guard
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzeSponsored a test case so we can non-interactively test...
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzePatch by Jens Rohler <> to bigint_cmp()
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzePatch by Jens Rohler <> to add bigint_sub()
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzeCorrected the bigint_int() routine with regards to...
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