2001-01-02 Joey SchulzeNur Verschnoerkelungen
2000-01-04 Joey Schulze - Added short description for control files
1998-11-16 Joey Schulze * Added information about different types of...
1998-10-14 Joey Schulze* While implementing zero-padded fields I've also imple...
1998-07-07 Joey SchulzeSpace eingefuegt.
1998-07-04 Joey Schulze . Updated date in copyright text
1998-07-03 Joey SchulzeThis file contains some general explanations.
1998-07-03 Joey SchulzeUpdated ChangeLog
1998-07-03 Joey Schulze . Added hook/theoretical support for Euro
1998-07-03 Joey Schulze . Updated description according to wha I got from...
1998-07-03 Joey Schulze . Put version string into separate variable
1998-07-03 Joey SchulzeAdded manpage. The page is not complete but one can...
1998-03-10 Joey SchulzeAdded COPYING
1997-06-04 Joey SchulzeAdded -O3
1997-06-04 Joey Schulzewrote the user program
1997-06-03 Joey SchulzeFirst import