Jens Rohler: prevent negative numbers
[infodrom/dtaus] / bigint.c
2005-08-26 Joey SchulzeJens Rohler: prevent negative numbers
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzePatch by Jens Rohler <> to add bigint_sub()
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzeCorrected the bigint_int() routine with regards to...
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzeSponsored a newline character
2005-08-22 Joey SchulzeAdded support for representing zero
2005-08-16 Joey SchulzeCorrection by Jens Rohler <>
2001-11-17 Joey SchulzeConverted bzero() into memset() which is no Linuxism...
2001-11-01 Joey SchulzeAdded two files that had to be obtained separately...