Corrected the bigint_int() routine with regards to large integers (as
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2004-08-07 Joey SchulzeWhoops, forgot to add the release date...
2004-08-06 Joey SchulzeDocumented support for the 'Begleitzettel' via LaTeX...
2004-08-04 Joey SchulzeUpdated the changelog
2003-08-30 Joey SchulzeAdded most recent changes
2003-05-26 Joey SchulzeUpdated the changelog
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeUpdate to reflect code updates
2002-01-01 Joey SchulzeFinalizing
2001-12-21 Joey SchulzeFinalizing so 0.5.1 can be released
2001-12-17 Joey SchulzeUpdated changelog
2001-11-25 Joey SchulzeThis is the new version, fully fledged for Euro and...
2001-01-02 Joey SchulzeNur Verschnoerkelungen
2000-01-04 Joey Schulze - Added short description for control files
1998-11-16 Joey Schulze * Added information about different types of...
1998-10-14 Joey Schulze* While implementing zero-padded fields I've also imple...
1998-07-03 Joey SchulzeUpdated ChangeLog
1997-06-04 Joey Schulzewrote the user program
1997-06-03 Joey SchulzeFirst import