descriptionSimple CGI Library
ownerJoey Schulze
last changeFri, 8 Sep 2017 19:42:06 +0000 (21:42 +0200)
2017-09-08 Petr PísařFix parsing empty QUERY_STRING master
2017-09-08 Michel StamFix memory leaks found by valgrind
2014-05-05 Joey SchulzeMemset improvement inspired by Michael Rayment <mtr...
2009-07-01 Joey SchulzeTerminate a freshly allocated string as well.
2009-07-01 Joey SchulzeCorrect header creation. Ensure the new string contain...
2009-06-30 Joey SchulzeRemove spurious extern, thanks to Tyler McHenry
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeFinalise changelog cgilib_0-7
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzePreparation for new release 0.7
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeABI version needs to be higher than 0 for Debian packaging
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeNeed to copy files before distribution, symlinks are bad
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeNo config directory anymore
2009-02-07 Joey SchulzeAdd SONAME information
2009-01-12 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzePatch by W. Michael Petullo to use autotools for strncpy()
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeSwitch to autotools: readme renamed into README
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeSwitch to autotools: CREDITS renamed into AUTHORS
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