2017-09-08 Petr PísařFix parsing empty QUERY_STRING master
2017-09-08 Michel StamFix memory leaks found by valgrind
2014-05-05 Joey SchulzeMemset improvement inspired by Michael Rayment <mtr...
2009-07-01 Joey SchulzeTerminate a freshly allocated string as well.
2009-07-01 Joey SchulzeCorrect header creation. Ensure the new string contain...
2009-06-30 Joey SchulzeRemove spurious extern, thanks to Tyler McHenry
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeFinalise changelog cgilib_0-7
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzePreparation for new release 0.7
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeABI version needs to be higher than 0 for Debian packaging
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeNeed to copy files before distribution, symlinks are bad
2009-02-08 Joey SchulzeNo config directory anymore
2009-02-07 Joey SchulzeAdd SONAME information
2009-01-12 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzePatch by W. Michael Petullo to use autotools for strncpy()
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeSwitch to autotools: readme renamed into README
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeSwitch to autotools: CREDITS renamed into AUTHORS
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeSwitch to autotools: CHANGES renamed into ChangeLog
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeAdd a headline
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzeConvert to autotools
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzePrepare for autotools
2009-01-11 Joey SchulzePrepare for autotools
2008-11-16 Joey SchulzeAdd Phil Brooke to list of contributors
2008-11-16 Joey SchulzePatch by Phil Brooke <> to allow...
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeRemoved reference to cgilib_0-6
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeAdd CVS information
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeDocument changes
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeAdd the GPLv2 itself
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeUpdate to the new FSF address
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeUpdates
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust the date to today
2008-02-08 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeNeed to decode variable names as well, and consistently...
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeImprovement by Neil Spring: Declare some arguments...
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdded support for inclusion into C++
2008-01-20 Joey SchulzeSupport for uploaded files, beautification of the outpu...
2007-12-17 Joey SchulzeSmall improvements
2007-12-16 Joey Schulze-lcgi not required in local directory
2007-12-16 Joey SchulzeUpdates
2007-12-16 Joey SchulzeRefer to freeing memory
2007-12-14 Joey SchulzeDocument cgiFree
2007-12-14 Joey SchulzeRemove temporary files at the end
2007-12-14 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2007-12-14 Joey SchulzeAdded documentation
2007-12-13 Joey SchulzeSupport functions for transmitted files
2007-12-07 Joey SchulzeHint freeing memory
2007-12-07 Joey Schulzefree CGI data structures
2007-12-07 Joey Schulzetext update
2007-12-06 Joey Schulzememory correction
2007-12-06 Joey SchulzeUse cgiFreeList to free the list
2007-12-06 Joey Schulzeindention
2007-12-05 Joey SchulzeAdded new reference
2007-12-05 Joey SchulzeAdd cgiGetFiles to list functions
2007-12-05 Joey SchulzeDocument cgiGetFiles
2007-12-05 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeImproved output
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeAdded support for uploaded files to the input parser
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeFree all allocated space
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeDon't abuse variables
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeBe less verbose
2007-12-02 Joey Schulzefree type if set
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeCorrected pointer arithmetic
2007-12-02 Joey SchulzeParse function need to return the s_cgi structure in...
2007-12-02 Joey Schulzedata structure for uploaded files
2007-11-29 Joey SchulzeAdjust verbosity
2007-11-29 Joey SchulzeDocument basic support for multipart/form-data
2007-11-29 Joey SchulzeAdded basic support for multipart/form-data
2007-11-29 Joey SchulzeAdded internal routine to read input
2007-11-28 Joey SchulzeAppend newline after each log line on stderr
2007-11-28 Joey SchulzeA newline will be appended on demand when debug output...
2007-11-28 Joey SchulzeDon't trust Content-Length too much
2007-11-27 Joey SchulzeInclude syslog header
2007-11-27 Joey SchulzeOpen the channel to syslog if needed
2007-11-27 Joey SchulzeDocumentation update
2007-11-27 Joey SchulzeRestructurisation: moved debug code into general routin...
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeDemonstrate GET variables
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeUpdated URLs
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeRemoved included changelog
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeTake care of null termination
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeSimplify and unify code
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeUse \r\n in headers
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeUse \r\n in headers
2007-11-25 Joey Schulze<malloc.h> is obsolete, use <stdlib.h>
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeSpelling corrections by Stephen Uitti
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeProperly return NULL when the variable is empty
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeNew contributor
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzePatch by Laszlo Zavaleta <> to accept ...
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeEscape potentially characters
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeAdded auxilliary routines
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeDocumentation
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeAuxilliary routines
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeAdjust the mail address
2005-05-03 Joey SchulzeAdded missing include file for strcmp() and strlen()
2001-12-14 Joey Schulze * Darn, f*cking DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS support broke the...
2001-11-22 Joey SchulzeAdded convenience code to support $DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
2001-11-20 Joey SchulzeUpdated addresses
2000-04-24 Joey Schulzetypo
1999-11-06 Joey Schulzeremoved misplaced quotes
1999-08-20 Joey Schulze . Added homepage to readme cgilib_0-5 debian_cgilib_0-5-1
1999-08-20 Joey SchulzeSet final dates