Update to the new FSF address
[infodrom/cgilib] / cgi.h
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeUpdate to the new FSF address
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeImprovement by Neil Spring: Declare some arguments...
2008-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdded support for inclusion into C++
2007-12-13 Joey SchulzeSupport functions for transmitted files
2007-12-02 Joey Schulzedata structure for uploaded files
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeAuxilliary routines
2007-11-25 Joey SchulzeAdjust the mail address
1999-08-20 Joey Schulze . Updated CHANGES with information from debian/changelog
1999-08-17 Joey Schulze . Added support for HTTP Cookies
1999-08-15 Joey Schulze . Implemented cgiSetHeader() and cgiSetType()
1999-08-14 Joey Schulze . Added space to manpage synopsis
1998-02-18 Joey Schulze . Corrected debugging cgilib_0-2 debian_cgilib_0-2
1998-02-15 Joey SchulzeSome comments were written in german, translated them.
1998-02-15 Joey Schulze . cgiDebug() und cgiDebugLevel eingefuehrt
1998-02-14 Joey SchulzeImport of IN-GS source cgilib_initial