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2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeDebian updates
2009-11-26 Joey SchulzeAdjust date specification and subject encoding
2007-06-27 Joey SchulzeAdded the SC ratification date
2007-04-29 Joey SchulzeConversion to UTF-8 and new sad date
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeHandle UTF-8
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeConversion to UTF-8
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeMore dates
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeNew release and new DPL
2006-12-10 Joey SchulzeAdded notably but report numbers
2006-04-17 Joey SchulzeNew 2006 DPL
2005-08-08 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous "Debian"
2005-08-08 Joey SchulzeDebian mourns the loss of Jens Schmalzig
2005-07-23 Joey SchulzeHmm, March 3 accordig to IMDB
2005-07-20 Joey SchulzeSome updates
2005-06-06 Joey SchulzeAfter more than three years of development sarge has...
2005-04-17 Joey SchulzeSome updates
2005-04-17 Joey SchulzeAdded Branden as new DPL
2005-04-17 Joey SchulzeSome recent updates
2004-05-14 Joey SchulzeDeath of Manuel 'ranty' Estrada Sainz and Andres 'ErCon...
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeMore IBM dates
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeMore dates
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeMoved science dates into its own file
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeIncoporated dates from *.misc
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeConsistent time in Germany
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeAdded a new calendar file for interesting sciencee...
2004-03-08 Joey SchulzeAdded ISO-8859-1 support so I can read umlauts again
2004-01-03 Joey SchulzeReinhard Mey and Johannes Heesters
2004-01-03 Joey SchulzeRMS, von Neumann, and Chomsky dates
2003-11-12 Joey SchulzeCorrected Loriot's birthday (and name)
2003-11-10 Joey SchulzeAdded Terrence Hill, Bud Spencer and Ennio Morricone
2003-11-09 Joey SchulzeEnterprise pilot and Loriot
2003-11-09 Joey SchulzeISS -> English
2003-11-09 Joey SchulzeCorrected the year
2003-11-08 Joey SchulzeBirthday of George Orwell
2003-11-01 Joey SchulzeRevert the last changes. Further investigation reveale...
2003-10-30 Joey SchulzeThe current version of calendar uses different argument...
2003-10-30 Joey SchulzeA new version of calendar requires a sane LANG setting
2003-10-30 Joey SchulzeAdded BTX and translated one more line
2003-10-30 Joey SchulzeAdded Robert Palmer
2003-08-05 Joey SchulzeAdded the start of DWN as a notably dated
2003-08-05 Joey SchulzeStarted a science section && moved another date
2003-08-05 Joey SchulzeReordering && moved two dates to .showbiz
2003-08-04 Joey SchulzeAdded the birth of intel
2003-08-04 Joey SchulzeDate of death of Barry White *sigh*
2003-08-04 Joey SchulzeAdded the most recent Python release
2003-06-26 Joey SchulzeAdded the memo about the Ether Network
2003-06-26 Joey SchulzeAdded Helmut Schmidt
2003-06-26 Joey SchulzeSome updates
2003-05-07 Joey SchulzeCorrections by Frederic Schutz <>
2003-05-06 Joey SchulzeMaybe this is less "spiteful"
2003-05-05 Joey SchulzeI have no idea why I missed blendi
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeHmm, Deforest Kelley was older than 4, I guess...
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeOops, forgot the date argument.
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeOnly send a mail when there is at least one interesting...
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeAdded a license, added argument parsing so the program...
2003-05-02 Joey SchulzeImported the current program which is still known as...
2003-04-30 Joey SchulzeAnother interesting date
2003-04-29 Joey SchulzeSmall update, Linus' daughters, aka Kernel Hacker TNG
2003-04-28 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2003-04-26 Joey SchulzeSorted, added Nina Simone's death day, mostly translate...
2003-04-24 Joey SchulzeAdded some Linux release dates
2003-04-23 Joey SchulzeAdded three dates and translated some others
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeUntypoed
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeWhoops
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeWhoops
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeMore updates, especially the ones I forgot last time...
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeAdded more historical dates based on a quick survey...
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeAdded some Startrek dates, many more are missing
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeUntypo by Eduard Bloch
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeMany updates but most notably logically sorted all...
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeAdded another date I found
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeAdded more release dates
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeSome updates but most notably logically sorted all...
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeInitial commit of some calendar files