Misc updates
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2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeMisc updates
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeConversion to UTF-8
2007-04-12 Joey SchulzeMore dates
2005-04-17 Joey SchulzeSome updates
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeMoved science dates into its own file
2004-04-26 Joey SchulzeConsistent time in Germany
2003-11-09 Joey SchulzeISS -> English
2003-10-30 Joey SchulzeA new version of calendar requires a sane LANG setting
2003-08-05 Joey SchulzeStarted a science section && moved another date
2003-08-05 Joey SchulzeReordering && moved two dates to .showbiz
2003-06-26 Joey SchulzeAdded Helmut Schmidt
2003-04-20 Joey SchulzeInitial commit of some calendar files