2008-07-02 Joey SchulzeTrust the database (i.e. don't encode special character...
2008-07-02 Joey Schulzepg_NumRows -> pg_num_rows
2008-07-02 Joey SchulzeRe-insert the row into online if it has been removed.
2008-07-02 Joey SchulzeKeep potentially online users for up to two days
2008-06-30 Joey SchulzeAnother spider
2008-06-29 Joey SchulzeMore keywords
2008-06-29 Joey SchulzeAnother crawler
2008-06-28 Joey SchulzeAdded the new ScoutJet crawler
2008-06-27 Joey SchulzeExpire users that haven't activated their account in...
2008-06-27 Joey SchulzeCheck for domain and TLD in url checker
2008-06-27 Joey SchulzeImplement url check via AJAX
2008-06-27 Joey SchulzeImplement email and url check via AJAX
2008-06-25 Joey SchulzeReport new users
2008-06-25 Joey SchulzeFix SQL query
2008-06-25 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeImport of the current version of