Add simple spambot barrier
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2020-08-16 Joey SchulzeAdd simple spambot barrier master
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeMove copyright to this year
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeAdd data protection term
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeEmit charset and content type to webserver
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeDrop obsolete bookmarking services
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeNo need to declare superglobals global
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeStart of an admin section/page
2008-07-11 Joey SchulzeCopy name and city into page keywords
2008-07-02 Joey Schulzepg_NumRows -> pg_num_rows
2008-06-29 Joey SchulzeMore keywords
2008-06-25 Joey SchulzeFix SQL query
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeImport of the current version of