2006-12-10 Joey SchulzeOffer a means to add a date
2006-12-10 Joey SchulzeAdded link to WP list of TS characters
2006-12-08 Joey SchulzeNeed to limit the top margin
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeNews about the new release
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeName the translators
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeA little bit more padding please
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeImproved index view
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeNeed the color for the headline in case there is no...
2006-12-07 Joey SchulzeImproved CSS for the news
2006-12-06 Joey SchulzeAdded proper name
2006-12-04 Joey SchulzeNew Vietnamese translator
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeAdded transparency
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeAdded a little space at the bottom so that the lines...
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeNew contributor
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2006-12-03 Joey Schulzelink to all news moved to the menu
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeFormat the news index nicely
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeProvide a new CSS file for the /News/ section
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeOnly display the top 10 news on the index page
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeSupport links to other locations
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeLink to the list of all news items
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeRemove the link to the ticker since it's deactivated...
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeActivate displaying of news
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeNews overview page
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeAnnouncing the new version
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeTranslation request
2006-12-03 Joey SchulzeSupport links to other news sources
2006-12-02 Joey SchulzeCorrections
2006-11-30 Joey SchulzeNew contributor Eric Tucker
2006-11-29 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-29 Joey SchulzeNow that there is a news item, enable the news box
2006-11-27 Joey SchulzeAnnouncing the new release
2006-11-27 Joey SchulzeNew contributor
2006-11-27 Joey SchulzeActivate the news page
2006-11-27 Joey SchulzeAnnounce the new release
2006-11-26 Joey SchulzeRemoved the brackets around 'more'
2006-11-26 Joey SchulzeNews about resumed development
2006-11-24 Joey SchulzeNew contributor
2006-11-22 Joey SchulzeChange on request
2006-11-22 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-21 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-21 Joey SchulzeChangelog for the new version
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeSwedish translator
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeMore translators
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeHolger begun porting to Gtk 2.0
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeUse longer hyphens
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved the event pages by using a grey border, paddin...
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved the event listing
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzePosition event boxes in two columns
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeWiden the right side for two columns
2006-11-20 Joey Schulzeuse a nicer headline and move the text to the top
2006-11-20 Joey Schulzeuse white first
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded Gergely Szasz as contributor
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeUse a grey border for the event pages, and some padding.
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded a little bit of padding
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeRemoved out-dated comment
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImproved the table
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeMoved LT2005 to the past
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeMove to 2007
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeMoved the past events listing below
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded end tags
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImproved the event box
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded thousands delimiter
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded a box for etch
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImproved the release boxes
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the name
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeClose the submenu
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded missing center tag
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeRemoved the horizontal line
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeReset the bar color each time a new category is begun
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImproved headline
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeUse the English phrase as the German one is too long
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeUtilise the new functions for the menu on the left...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeUtilise the new functions for the menu on the left...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeNew functions for the - now active as well - menu on...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeAdded another style for a sub heading
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeMove the definition of <menu-item> to and...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeAdded more style for the left side menu
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeBegin to use a special submenu environment for the...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeAdded proper obituary display
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeMove the space and line-break into the definition
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeMove the space and line-break into the definition
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeImproved vertical layout and spacing for SGML headlines
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeImproved News and other boxes
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeNew translator Ming Hua
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeLighten up the News green
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeAdded the news page
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeImproved headline
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeActivate the news box now that we have news to list
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeProposed news for the new version
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeOh, sorry, need to escape quotes
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeUse bold green font for the link
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeUse smaller font