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2018-06-29 Joey SchulzeRewrite log part of data protection statement
2018-06-28 Joey SchulzeFix link address
2018-06-27 Joey SchulzeAdd data protection page and links
2016-05-10 Joey SchulzeMove source link to git
2016-02-03 Joey SchulzeImprove failed open handling
2013-12-07 Joey SchulzeConvert all occurrences of ereg and ereg_replace to...
2013-12-07 Joey SchulzeAdd new hostname for finlandia
2013-12-06 Joey SchulzeRemove references to ereg* functions
2010-01-27 Joey SchulzeFilter out signatures
2009-07-12 Joey SchulzeHide addresses a little bit
2008-11-05 Joey SchulzeImproved document
2008-08-31 Joey SchulzeMove table layout to CSS
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeProvide a filename to the browser
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeAdded column definition
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeRemove debug messages
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeSet font color for footer
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeConstants needed
2008-08-08 Joey SchulzeOops, the FPDF class is required for the class definiti...
2008-08-07 Joey SchulzeKonqueror doesn't like the newline character
2008-08-07 Joey SchulzeProvide a downloadable calendar for this year
2008-07-21 Joey SchulzeSupport for English/German text and button
2008-07-21 Joey SchulzeRemove ?
2008-07-20 Joey SchulzeAdd paypal donation button
2008-02-10 Joey SchulzeProtect the mail address a little bit
2008-01-24 Joey SchulzeDistribute robots information
2007-11-05 Joey SchulzeImproved visibility
2007-10-01 Joey SchulzeConverted the front advert into CSS based on discussion on
2007-09-29 Joey SchulzeMoved layout into CSS
2007-09-29 Joey SchulzeDifferent contrast
2007-09-29 Joey SchulzeNeed more contrast
2007-09-29 Joey SchulzeBorders are specified via CSS
2007-09-29 Joey SchulzeFont definition are done via CSS
2007-09-08 Joey SchulzeSearch engine optimisation
2007-07-24 Joey SchulzeBeautification of fortunes
2007-03-05 Joey SchulzeImproved HTML
2007-02-08 Joey SchulzeCenter the graphics vertically
2007-02-08 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2007-02-07 Joey SchulzeSet an id for the fortune box
2007-01-28 Joey SchulzeProvide a means to specify the title of a feed
2006-12-27 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP 5
2006-11-26 Joey SchulzeRemoved the brackets around 'more'
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeUse longer hyphens
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved the event pages by using a grey border, paddin...
2006-11-20 Joey SchulzeImproved the event listing
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeUse a grey border for the event pages, and some padding.
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdded a little bit of padding
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeImproved the event box
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the name
2006-11-19 Joey SchulzeReset the bar color each time a new category is begun
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeNew functions for the - now active as well - menu on...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeMove the definition of <menu-item> to and...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeBegin to use a special submenu environment for the...
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeMove the space and line-break into the definition
2006-11-18 Joey SchulzeImproved News and other boxes
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeOh, sorry, need to escape quotes
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeUse bold green font for the link
2006-11-16 Joey SchulzeUse a smaller font for the News box
2006-11-14 Joey SchulzeDon't use a too small font
2006-11-13 Joey SchulzeLock the font size via CSS
2006-11-13 Joey SchulzeUse a smaller font
2006-11-13 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the class name
2006-11-13 Joey SchulzeAdded a missing bracket
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeUse green boxes instead of black ones
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeUse the font class, no need for <ifont> anymore
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeSwitch to a CSS design
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeAdded support for additional stylesheets
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeSave a variable
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeMoved the output routine into the style file
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeBeautification for fortune cookies, improved display...
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeMoved format_cookie into
2006-11-12 Joey SchulzeAdded a CSS fortune box
2006-11-11 Joey SchulzeAdd a little space between the menu and the linx logo
2006-11-11 Joey SchulzeTime to convert the menu into CSS and the general layou...
2006-11-11 Joey SchulzeTime to convert the menu into CSS
2006-11-10 Joey SchulzeAlignment
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeUse english month names when using the English date...
2006-10-16 Joey Schulze%foo needs to be protected
2006-10-16 Joey SchulzeAdded support for alternates, i.e. additional resources...
2006-10-06 Joey SchulzeMake use of the page-footer defined in
2006-10-06 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the impressum link
2006-10-06 Joey SchulzeUse a nicer footer using CSS layout
2006-10-06 Joey SchulzeMove global CSS into CSS file and reference it
2006-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded a link to Debian
2005-12-29 Joey SchulzeRemoved LinuxTag link
2005-10-06 Joey Schulze... and set the curser to a handed pointer when the...
2005-10-06 Joey SchulzeTurn off underlined links
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded lost day, huh?
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzePrepare for a third workshop room / forum
2005-05-15 Joey SchulzeSet an upper bound for social event tickets. This...
2005-04-20 Joey SchulzePrepare for requesting flyers
2005-03-25 Joey SchulzeAdjustments for 2005
2005-02-02 Joey SchulzeConfigure the start and end of the workshop schedule...
2005-01-24 Joey SchulzeEU Software Patents Delayed Again
2005-01-23 Joey SchulzeAdded an anti-patents banner
2004-10-18 Joey SchulzeRemoved death notice since Ralf's death happened more...
2004-09-22 Joey SchulzeCorrected the style: remove the outer border, adjust...
2004-09-19 Joey SchulzeCorrected the birth date.
2004-09-17 Joey SchulzeTraueranzeige wegen Ralf Niemand, am 14. September...