The Perl version is *a lot* faster than the shell version, so we'll
[] / Makefile
2002-01-03 Joey SchulzeStop making Make fail due to changed behaviour of rsync
2001-10-22 Joey SchulzeNeed to distribute Postscript-Files as well
2001-10-22 Joey SchulzeEnabled syncing of .txt files
2001-10-21 Joey SchulzeLocally I'll have to copy the imgdot pix manually
2001-10-09 Joey SchulzeCreate the destination directory *including* all higher...
2001-10-04 Joey SchulzeExplicitely added channel.xml file which is also used on
2001-10-04 Joey SchulzeAdjusted imgdot file
2001-10-04 Joey SchulzeAdjusted paths
2001-09-06 Joey SchulzeSome design updates, should be more modern, I guess.
2001-08-28 Joey SchulzeAdded special 'depend'/'rdepend' target so we can rebui...
2001-01-04 Joey SchulzeHappy happy joy joy, is up!
2000-07-26 Joey Schulze Current version - Mit php-fortunes
2000-06-03 Joey Schulze . HTML-Tabellen korrigieren (wml::std::box) mit fix...
2000-05-27 Joey Schulzeinitial initial