ownerJoey Schulze
last changeFri, 16 Jul 2021 13:46:19 +0000 (15:46 +0200)
2021-07-16 Joey SchulzeComments not allowed anymore in .wmlrc master
2021-07-16 Joey SchulzeDisplay empty description marker when description is...
2021-07-16 Joey SchulzeOccasionally display sum when filtering list
2021-04-23 Joey SchulzeDe-escape ampersand character
2021-03-27 Joey SchulzeAdd verbose flag
2021-02-02 Joey SchulzeSupport querying only yesterday and today
2021-02-02 Joey SchulzeDisplay remaining amount of minutes
2021-01-05 Joey SchulzeAllow to query task details
2020-12-24 Joey SchulzeWiden input element
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeImprove monetary value arithmetic
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeHonor multiple machines in log
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeOnly suggest text not older than three years
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeMake sure -d and -D work as expected
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeSwitch to Database class
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeAdjust regular expression matches
2020-10-30 Joey SchulzeQuote array indices properly
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