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2020-05-16 Joey SchulzeCopy calendar item to log window master
2020-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdjust cursor for calendar items
2020-03-23 Joey SchulzeAdd more options to query form
2020-03-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust text discovery after layout change
2020-01-28 Joey SchulzeImprove stempel status layout
2019-11-08 Joey SchulzeRevert "Ensure properly encoded popup title", fix PHP...
2019-11-08 Joey SchulzeEnsure properly encoded popup title
2019-10-21 Joey SchulzePeriodically reload page
2019-10-02 Joey SchulzeNo need to decode from UTF-8
2019-09-08 Joey SchulzeAllow Plus sign instead of tab for faster typing
2019-09-08 Joey SchulzeAdjust color list
2019-09-08 Joey SchulzePrevent warning
2019-08-21 Joey SchulzeUpdate start and end timestamp
2019-08-13 Joey SchulzeProvide day of the week
2019-08-01 Joey SchulzeAllow filtering for mixed case strings
2019-07-12 Joey SchulzeMove list table to class / new AJAX framework
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