2006-10-27 Joey SchulzeBorder around some graphics
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdded favicon.ico from PHProject
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeBeautification by using CSS
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeUse a proper background colour for sum statements
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeBeautification by using CSS
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdded a general class to add text-only elements
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeApply the font class from CSS, remove some font setting...
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeBeautification by using a CSS bar
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeInstall the CSS file
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeUse english month names when using the English date...
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the impress link
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeImported CSS like footer from
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdjust the font size
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeStart using CSS
2006-10-23 Joey SchulzeAdded a year graph
2006-10-20 Joey SchulzeAdded more mail and spam statistics
2006-10-20 Joey SchulzeAdded mailgraph statistics
2006-10-18 Joey SchulzeMove city up
2006-10-18 Joey SchulzeAdded support for a year and a city
2006-10-18 Joey SchulzePrepare support for a year and a city
2006-10-18 Joey SchulzeWiden the RRD graphs a little bit
2006-10-18 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2006-09-21 Joey SchulzeBetter condition
2006-09-20 Joey SchulzeOnly fetch the OID if it isn't known yet
2006-09-18 Joey SchulzeMaybe the number was too large for an integer
2006-09-14 Joey SchulzeMissing comma
2006-09-13 Joey SchulzeBetter way to provide the permanent public link and...
2006-09-13 Joey SchulzeAdded the public link to the head of the resulting...
2006-09-01 Joey SchulzeBetter detection of unset values
2006-07-18 Joey SchulzeOnly use linebreaks
2006-07-09 Joey SchulzeReplace all & with & so that HTML entities are...
2006-03-12 Joey SchulzeSupport for specifying a keyword to search for
2006-02-12 Joey SchulzeAdded support for income and outcome sums
2006-01-23 Joey SchulzeInstalled shortcut for --buchung-unpaid
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the copyright note
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeSupport for --hide/--unhide instead of --buchung-visible.
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdd a visible/invisible flag
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeShould read the statement as well...
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeShould use the correct field
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeProper quoting helps...
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeLimit the distinct query to the currently selected...
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeAdded support for statement (Auszug)
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeRemoved the iso-accents-mode
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeImprovement by Jens Seidel
2006-01-11 Joey SchulzeEvents are mostly not upcoming when being searched
2006-01-11 Joey SchulzeAdded missing argument
2006-01-11 Joey SchulzeAdded linuxwochen
2006-01-11 Joey SchulzeAdded the LWN calendar
2005-11-16 Joey SchulzeDefault to now when no starttime is given
2005-10-05 Joey SchulzeCorrected the URL
2005-09-30 Joey SchulzeTerminate the compound listing when no compound is...
2005-09-22 Joey SchulzeUmh... wrong character
2005-08-16 Joey Schulzeuse the pre-escaped body for display
2005-08-16 Joey SchulzeCorrected the hour of the pre-set time
2005-07-24 Joey SchulzeFixed arbitrary command execution
2005-06-17 Joey SchulzeBetter use the supporter page when a supporter is found
2005-06-17 Joey SchulzeAdded support for distinguishing betweek speaker, sleep...
2005-06-14 Joey Schulzes/comment/note
2005-06-13 Joey SchulzeUse good defaults when no mail address has been given
2005-06-11 Joey SchulzeFixed problem with two availability definitions and...
2005-06-10 Joey SchulzeSwitch from Comments to Notes
2005-06-09 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the borders, otherwise the results are not...
2005-06-09 Joey SchulzeAddeda link to the unlimited list
2005-06-08 Joey SchulzeBroken extension, bah
2005-06-06 Joey SchulzeAdded support for the language
2005-06-06 Joey SchulzeAdded a list of invisible talks
2005-06-01 Joey SchulzeWhoops, the new value should not be calculated for...
2005-06-01 Joey SchulzeSet the default panel properly
2005-05-30 Joey SchulzeHmm, since the section can contain a space we need...
2005-05-30 Joey SchulzeMove the booth number and size up
2005-05-28 Joey SchulzeWhoops, why didn't we display the information?
2005-05-26 Joey SchulzeCorrect the search condition
2005-05-23 Joey Schulzeoid is ambiguous
2005-05-21 Joey SchulzeAdded support for editing the panel of the talk (only...
2005-05-18 Joey SchulzeDisplay the workshops as well, helps a lot to keep...
2005-05-18 Joey SchulzeNeed to limit the talk to the title in order to be...
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdjustments for new person/id scheme
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded lost day, huh?
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded optional support for button texts
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeNeed to enforce shorter titles and speaker names to...
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzePrepare for a third workshop room / forum
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzePrepare for a third workshop room / forum
2005-05-15 Joey SchulzeOops, wrong basename
2005-05-11 Joey SchulzeImplemented the limitation of output to the selected...
2005-05-11 Joey SchulzeSort the fragments as well, otherwise it can look strange
2005-05-04 Joey SchulzeDon't allow mailing lists to be added as speakers
2005-05-04 Joey SchulzeDon't allow mailing lists to be added as speakers
2005-05-04 Joey SchulzeEnlarge the textarea
2005-05-02 Joey SchulzeDisplay the number of computer only when it is set.
2005-05-01 Joey SchulzeSince person became an int, using it as sort key is...
2005-05-01 Joey SchulzeNo need to display the section heading when there are...
2005-05-01 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2005-04-30 Joey SchulzePrint some information even when the person hasn't...
2005-04-30 Joey SchulzeAdded support for returning information about who has...
2005-04-21 Joey SchulzeWhoops, should actually display the english description...
2005-04-21 Joey SchulzeDisplay a link to the person even though when this...
2005-04-20 Joey SchulzeDisplay both descriptions when they exist, otherwise...
2005-04-08 Joey SchulzeOnly print the size of the booth if some has been assigned
2005-04-08 Joey SchulzeAdded links to recently added projects and people for...
2005-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the year