2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved bar color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu background color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeUse the new menu rule
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeNew menu rule
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeRules for the side menu
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeDivide by site
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNeed to fix spacing to zero
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeSupport for detailed listing.
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNew class for tables with less height
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNew page to visualise referers
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeMore contrast
2007-10-04 Joey Schulzemore contrast
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeImproved layout, new border style
2007-09-30 Joey SchulzeSupport News as links
2007-09-28 Joey SchulzeNew favicon
2007-09-24 Joey SchulzeWording
2007-09-21 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous menu entries
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeSupport for link to switch between requests and transfer
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust server variable
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeSimple display page for webserver RRD graphs
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeNeed a menu file
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeAdjusted graph dimensions
2007-09-17 Joey SchulzeAdded postfix stats
2007-09-16 Joey SchulzeAdded a link to the webserver statistics
2007-09-10 Joey SchulzeImage path adjustments
2007-09-10 Joey SchulzeAdded missing quotes
2007-09-09 Joey Schulzeimproved naming
2007-09-09 Joey SchulzeWatch the queue size
2007-09-09 Joey SchulzePrepare using queuegraph
2007-06-07 Joey SchulzeThe date field needs to be wider, apparently
2007-06-06 Joey SchulzeThere is no date field, and it must not be empty
2007-06-05 Joey Schulze*sigh* class is a keyword now, of course
2007-06-03 Joey SchulzeAdded support for Absurdistan
2007-05-31 Joey SchulzeSpecial case for absdurdities
2007-05-20 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the base URL, added the subject to url list...
2007-05-17 Joey SchulzeAdd a paging facility
2007-05-17 Joey SchulzeAdd a paging facility
2007-05-13 Joey SchulzeConvert backslashes
2007-05-05 Joey SchulzeCenter the proper column
2007-05-05 Joey SchulzeAdded a column for the category and let the table use CSS
2007-05-05 Joey SchulzeCenter the category
2007-04-21 Joey SchulzeSupport for deletion via button
2007-04-21 Joey SchulzeLimit sender/receipient to those from the last 2 years
2007-04-18 Joey SchulzeNew location of password file
2007-04-15 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous phpinfo() call
2007-03-21 Joey SchulzeNo statement row for old DM accounts
2007-03-21 Joey SchulzeDistinguish accounts by currency
2007-03-21 Joey SchulzeEnable the years overview
2007-03-21 Joey SchulzeDisplay old monthly summaries
2007-03-21 Joey SchulzeDisplay the monthly usage
2007-03-19 Joey SchulzeSeveral updates, logical and for register globals ...
2007-03-19 Joey SchulzeSupport for register globals = off
2007-03-18 Joey SchulzeImprovement
2007-03-17 Joey SchulzeAdded support for searching in the headline only
2007-03-17 Joey SchulzeActivate admin page and complete list
2007-03-17 Joey SchulzeIndention
2007-03-17 Joey SchulzeAdded administration support
2007-03-17 Joey SchulzeAdded administration page
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeDisplay all available accounts
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeChanged the semantic of the display argument
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeDM accounts are hidden via default anyway, since they...
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeAdd the account to the URL
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeDon't display old accounts in the main list, move logic...
2007-03-16 Joey SchulzeSupport invisible accounts (old, inactive, $whatever)
2007-03-15 Joey SchulzeSupport for register globals = off
2007-03-15 Joey SchulzeSupport for register globals = off
2007-03-15 Joey SchulzeSupport for register globals = off
2007-03-15 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2007-02-14 Joey SchulzeWhoops, missing character
2007-02-14 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous crap
2007-02-14 Joey SchulzeMore textual hints
2007-02-14 Joey SchulzeSwitch to using sprintf()
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeImproved attribution
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeReplacement of the percent sign
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeBetter handling of one variable
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeSmall correction
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeCalculate with positive values only
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeWhoops, input != output
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeAdd the percent sign
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeNeed brackets for printf()
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeSupport more sophisticated tally sheets
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeDitch the currency, i.e. only support current sales...
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeUse more modern techniques
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeUse a <select> box for the year
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeInherit font setting from CSS
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeAdded missing semicolon
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeDisplay more news
2007-02-06 Joey SchulzeForgot the equation...
2007-02-06 Joey SchulzeImproved textual output
2007-01-31 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2007-01-31 Joey SchulzeUse a checkbox instead radio buttons
2007-01-31 Joey SchulzeRemoved font settings
2007-01-31 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous </tr>
2007-01-31 Joey SchulzeAdded support for restricting the search to only public...
2007-01-29 Joey SchulzeConvert (Backslash,Newline) pairs properly
2007-01-29 Joey SchulzeImproved escape
2007-01-29 Joey SchulzeUse a smaller and nicer font for the overview
2007-01-20 Joey SchulzeUntypo