2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeSupport internal mail ouput redirector
2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeSwitch to indirect function calls
2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeLimit descriptions in history to relevant ones accordin...
2008-06-06 Joey SchulzeConvert to GetOpt::Long
2008-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdded missing paragraph elements
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeDon't require group access anymore
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = Off
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeNew general config
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeJump directly to the news
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeRename Oldenburger LT into developers meeting
2008-05-01 Joey Schulzefix logic error
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeIf it's empty, it's set as well *sigh*
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeProduce better HTML code
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeMove code into conditional
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeMore intuitive date handling
2008-04-30 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = Off
2008-04-30 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeUse the 2-digit version for uniformity
2008-02-27 Joey SchulzeDon't try to modify something that doesn't exist
2008-02-27 Joey SchulzeRedirect to the details after approving a newspaper
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeImproved display
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeDisplay only newspapers that aren't deleted
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeOffer a way to edit the record
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeActivate the new index page
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeNo such column as country
2008-02-22 Joey SchulzeSupport for approval and deletion
2008-02-22 Joey SchulzeNew semantic for deletion
2008-02-22 Joey SchulzeUse the proper destination
2008-02-22 Joey SchulzeDisplay unapproved newspapers
2008-02-17 Joey SchulzeCheck for uninitialised variable
2008-02-06 Joey SchulzeCalculate the sum as well
2008-02-04 Joey Schulzeuse strict and warnings
2008-02-04 Joey SchulzeMust not initialise the terminal if it's not needed...
2008-01-31 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register Globals = off
2008-01-17 Joey SchulzeCorrections so that yearly summaries are accessible
2008-01-13 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the field length
2007-12-29 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2007-12-13 Joey SchulzeDon't ask for tax when its percentage is zero
2007-12-13 Joey SchulzeStrip trailing slashes
2007-11-12 Joey SchulzeSupport continued lines
2007-11-08 Joey SchulzeMoved general find_month function around
2007-11-08 Joey SchulzeNo debug output
2007-11-08 Joey SchulzeSupport for different displays
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeCalculate the sum
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2007-11-07 Joey SchulzeSupport for selected month listing
2007-11-05 Joey SchulzeAdjusted copyright year
2007-11-05 Joey SchulzeAdded support for completion
2007-11-05 Joey SchulzeBring code into the next century
2007-10-21 Joey SchulzeSupport for deletion
2007-10-21 Joey SchulzeAdded Stempeluhr
2007-10-19 Joey SchulzeLink to the wiki
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2007-10-07 Joey Schulzecolors and CSS
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeMore space
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeAdded missing quotes
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeAdded color
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeMove font layout to CSS
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeUse a nice bar as sub heading
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeStart with white
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeAdded colors
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeUse CSS
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeStart with white
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeRemoved obsolete link
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeSupport lists of URLs and referers
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeSwitch between URLs and Referers
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeStart with <white>
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeMore functionality
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved width
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved bar color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved table colors
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved bar color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu background color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeUse the new menu rule
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeNew menu rule
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeRules for the side menu
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeDivide by site
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNeed to fix spacing to zero
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeSupport for detailed listing.
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNew class for tables with less height
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeNew page to visualise referers
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeMore contrast
2007-10-04 Joey Schulzemore contrast
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeImproved layout, new border style
2007-09-30 Joey SchulzeSupport News as links
2007-09-28 Joey SchulzeNew favicon
2007-09-24 Joey SchulzeWording
2007-09-21 Joey SchulzeRemoved superflous menu entries
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeSupport for link to switch between requests and transfer
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeAdjust server variable
2007-09-20 Joey SchulzeSimple display page for webserver RRD graphs