2008-09-14 Joey SchulzeUse a darker green
2008-09-14 Joey SchulzeAdded the nice style for preformatted text that is...
2008-09-10 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2008-09-10 Joey SchulzeProperly calculate the public link
2008-09-10 Joey Schulzeteaserlink() for the logbook
2008-09-10 Joey SchulzeUse the proper id
2008-09-08 Joey SchulzeActivate logbook
2008-09-08 Joey SchulzeNew company logbook
2008-09-08 Joey SchulzeFix next button presence
2008-09-05 Joey SchulzeSupport changing the task title
2008-09-01 Joey SchulzeMove the new link to the menu
2008-09-01 Joey SchulzeImprove layout
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeMake use of CSS for table design
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeGet rid of the font tag
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeUse a nicer background color for the headline
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeProvide a smaller font
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzePrint positive values in green, negative ones in red
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeGet rid of font definitions
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeAlign the sum column left
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeUse CSS for row colors
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeUse CSS for the color
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeTable styles for account listing
2008-08-28 Joey SchulzeReduce staff
2008-08-28 Joey SchulzePlain import of current ticket version
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeMoved edit button to the side menu
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeImproved table column
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeUse ID instead of OID for activity
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeResize table columns
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeMove edit button to menu
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeImproved table layout, more space at the bottom
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeImproved table layout
2008-08-26 Joey SchulzeNew function: Roadmap
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeImproved response
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeFix code ordering
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeFix code ordering
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeImplement the years selection as select box
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeTreat the date field properly
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeShorten keyword input field length
2008-08-24 Joey SchulzeMove database connect up
2008-08-17 Joey SchulzeImplement deletion of the current open task
2008-08-15 Joey SchulzeDon't display delta
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeImplement simple display for an event
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeDisplay events of direct editing them
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeSupport cloning of events
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeImplement general date conversion routine and move...
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeMove db connect up
2008-08-13 Joey SchulzeMore space
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeSupport month specification for task lists
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeSupport closing forgotton tasks
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeImplement --help
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeCurrent version of commandline utility
2008-08-02 Joey SchulzeSort statement reverse
2008-07-30 Joey SchulzeAdjust logic: only search in subject per default, add...
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeImproved code organisation
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeAdded support for deadline
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeMore intelligent date recognition
2008-07-12 Joey SchulzeOnly list years existing for this particular account
2008-07-11 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2008-07-09 Joey SchulzeOnly offer yearly overview graphs for years for which...
2008-07-09 Joey SchulzeNicer list for webgraph/webalizer overview
2008-07-06 Joey SchulzeCast required
2008-06-26 Joey SchulzeFetch year from database
2008-06-26 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeAdded tabindixes
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeAdd link for more input
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeMake link more visible
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeAdd nice hover effect to buttons
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeNo need for fat buttons
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeImproved headline
2008-06-17 Joey SchulzeMore size adjustments
2008-06-17 Joey SchulzeImproved argument handling
2008-06-15 Joey SchulzeMake sure whitespace characters are properly removed
2008-06-09 Joey SchulzeNeed explicit cast
2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeSupport internal mail ouput redirector
2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeSwitch to indirect function calls
2008-06-07 Joey SchulzeLimit descriptions in history to relevant ones accordin...
2008-06-06 Joey SchulzeConvert to GetOpt::Long
2008-05-26 Joey SchulzeAdded missing paragraph elements
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeDon't require group access anymore
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = Off
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeNew general config
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeJump directly to the news
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeRename Oldenburger LT into developers meeting
2008-05-01 Joey Schulzefix logic error
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeIf it's empty, it's set as well *sigh*
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeProduce better HTML code
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeMove code into conditional
2008-05-01 Joey SchulzeMore intuitive date handling
2008-04-30 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = Off
2008-04-30 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2008-04-06 Joey SchulzeUse the 2-digit version for uniformity
2008-02-27 Joey SchulzeDon't try to modify something that doesn't exist
2008-02-27 Joey SchulzeRedirect to the details after approving a newspaper
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeImproved display
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeDisplay only newspapers that aren't deleted
2008-02-23 Joey SchulzeOffer a way to edit the record