Adjust centering of objects when page is scrolled
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2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust centering of objects when page is scrolled
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAllow editing of booking texts
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeSupport hover attribute for tables
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeImprove button font size via explicit inheritance
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeFix stempel editing and status changes
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAdd lots of JS magic to make calendar usable
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeInclude code to position one element over another
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeConvert error dialog to new Popup class
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAdd Popup class
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeInclude simple color picker
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAlways include udraggable and autocomplete code
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeRename calendar class
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeMove table into div and add margin
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeImprove month title
2018-09-28 Joey SchulzeImprove calculation, display transponed value
2018-05-06 Joey SchulzeOnly allow editing of description
2018-05-06 Joey SchulzeAdjust character encoding for encoding error message
2018-05-05 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2018-04-29 Joey SchulzeAdd empty main submenu file
2018-04-28 Joey SchulzeSupport optional title passed into subject
2018-04-26 Joey SchulzeSupport automatic generation and calculation for reimbu...
2018-04-26 Joey SchulzeRemove unneeded file
2017-12-07 Joey SchulzeStop editing when clicking on sum row
2017-12-02 Joey SchulzeAllow closing tasks not started today with -D
2017-11-06 Joey SchulzeDisplay only visible items
2017-11-01 Joey SchulzeSwitch row to hash reference
2017-11-01 Joey SchulzeImprove work without category
2017-09-26 Joey SchulzeAdd link to icinga
2017-08-29 Joey SchulzeAllow negative times
2017-07-26 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeAllow to edit account description in place
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeConvert in-place edit of task to jquery.editable
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeAllow to edit gas station in place
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdd convenient function to make elements editable and...
2017-07-17 Joey Schulzejquery-editable: Automatically call backend if route...
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeInclude jQuery editable plugin
2017-07-12 Joey SchulzeMove status change to AJAX
2017-07-12 Joey SchulzeImprove error colors
2017-07-11 Joey SchulzeImprove table filtering, use keyup, improve alternating...
2017-07-11 Joey SchulzeMove style to style section
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'booking', 'sprit' and 'ust'
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeRemove trailing space characters from job description
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeSupport category from commandline on all actions
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeAdd support for billing date
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeAdd autocompletion to city and tankstelle elements
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeInclude autocomplete extension
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeConvert existing AJAX functions to new framework
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeIntroduce new AJAX framework with improved class use
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeAdd error and info popups
2017-07-09 Joey SchulzeRemove trailing space characters from job description
2017-07-09 Joey SchulzeSupport category from commandline on all actions
2017-07-09 Joey SchulzeAdd support for billing date
2017-05-14 Joey SchulzeRequire AJAX functions to use ajax_ as name prefix
2017-05-06 Joey SchulzeAdd view to davical data
2017-05-06 Joey SchulzeImprove table head background color
2017-05-03 Joey SchulzeSupport category from commandline on all actions
2017-05-03 Joey SchulzeAdd support for billing date
2016-11-06 Joey SchulzeBasicAuth is configured within the webserver configuration
2016-11-06 Joey SchulzeInclude link to DAViCal
2016-07-21 Joey SchulzeMerge branch 'sprit'
2016-07-21 Joey SchulzeDisplay customer name instead of short code
2016-07-18 Joey SchulzeAdd sprit log to menu
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeSimple sprit accounting module
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeImprove AJAX backend by use of ModuleAJAXBackend
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdd <popups> and styles
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdd general layout
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdjust zIndex for calendar and font-size for bars
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAJAX framework
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeImprove json_return and move it to future
2016-07-13 Joey SchulzeSupport assigning a billing_date when paying a statement
2016-07-11 Joey SchulzeSupport full German date
2016-07-06 Joey SchulzeInherit font-size for select and input elements
2016-06-25 Joey SchulzeDetect whether STDOUT is a tty unless --force-oolor...
2016-06-25 Joey SchulzeAccept --raw as alias for --no-color
2016-06-25 Joey SchulzeEmit error message if config is unavailable
2016-06-25 Joey SchulzeUse and display billing_date as well
2016-06-25 Joey SchulzeRewrite in Perl
2016-06-20 Joey SchulzePreserve htmlspecial characters in task description
2016-05-25 Joey SchulzeAccept short German dates as well
2016-05-21 Joey SchulzeAdd per customers filter
2016-05-20 Joey SchulzeMove code into page container
2016-05-20 Joey SchulzeImport delete / cancel icon from free Oxigen icon library
2016-05-08 Joey SchulzeOpen new tab for editing items
2016-05-04 Joey SchulzeDisplay booking date as well
2016-05-03 Joey SchulzeSet billing_date when directly paying an item
2016-04-25 Joey SchulzeCurrent version
2016-04-25 Joey SchulzeStore date when paying an item
2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeIgnore automatically generated files
2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeDon't ask for tax value if tax percent is zero
2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeAllow re-opening the last closed task
2015-12-14 Joey SchulzeAdjust de- and encoding
2015-12-14 Joey Schulzeimprove exploding
2015-10-28 Joey SchulzeDecode from UTF8 before display
2015-10-25 Joey SchulzeUpdate list on change event
2015-10-05 Joey SchulzeImprove category completion
2015-10-01 Joey SchulzeAdd Readline history for editing task
2015-09-24 Joey SchulzeImprove code
2015-09-24 Joey SchulzeSwitch to UTF8 when in JS/AJAX mode
2015-09-24 Joey SchulzeSwitch to UTF8 when in JS/AJAX mode
2015-09-23 Joey SchulzeImprovements