Remove iso-accents
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2014-04-05 Joey SchulzeRemove iso-accents
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeBugfix
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeImprove future framework
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd future framework
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd border class
2014-04-03 Joey SchulzeImprove account name
2014-03-10 Joey SchulzeToggle checkbox after click on row
2013-11-12 Joey SchulzeFix tabindex
2013-05-15 Joey SchulzeMove back task by n minutes via -b parameter
2013-05-13 Joey SchulzeCorrect function name
2013-05-13 Joey SchulzeUnify column title
2013-05-13 Joey SchulzeImprove edit title
2013-05-13 Joey SchulzeDisplay expanded customer name
2013-04-23 Joey SchulzeOnly execute change query if something is changed
2013-04-22 Joey SchulzeAdjust font size inside input item
2013-04-07 Joey SchulzeConvert foreign characters from UTF8 to latin1
2013-04-07 Joey SchulzeUse WML root path
2013-04-07 Joey SchulzeAdd task edit feature via AJAX
2013-04-07 Joey SchulzeBackend for AJAX calls
2013-04-07 Joey SchulzeAdd small AJAX framework
2013-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdd ID column as unique identifier
2012-12-18 Joey SchulzeAllow longer names
2012-11-12 Joey SchulzeOnly display current customers
2012-10-03 Joey SchulzeAdd 40px height logo
2012-09-17 Joey SchulzeImprove sprintf
2012-09-17 Joey SchulzeEnsure to parse integer based on decimal numbers, i...
2012-07-28 Joey SchulzeDisplay years of use
2012-06-16 Joey SchulzeImprove icon position
2012-05-19 Joey SchulzeAdjust title
2012-01-09 Joey SchulzeBe case insensitive for incoming/outcoming detection
2011-12-19 Joey SchulzeIgnore old sales_dm table for unpaid receipts
2011-11-07 Joey SchulzeImprove readline capabilities
2011-10-14 Joey SchulzeSome bugfixes
2011-09-14 Joey SchulzeSupport PDF receipts
2011-02-27 Joey SchulzeSplit year from date
2011-02-25 Joey SchulzeUse column names and let the database default win
2010-11-12 Joey SchulzeAdd sys_user and sys_edit as internal fields
2010-08-31 Joey SchulzeEncode html characters
2010-08-09 Joey SchulzeChange color when selecting a row
2010-04-13 Joey SchulzeNew webalizer index layout
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeProperly filter year
2010-03-24 Joey SchulzeSupport in/visible rows
2009-09-26 Joey SchulzeDisplay all names when editing an item
2009-09-02 Joey SchulzeSmaller line height
2009-08-31 Joey SchulzeDisplay time as normal time string
2009-08-20 Joey SchulzeDisplay full customer name
2009-08-20 Joey SchulzeUse form information from form or session
2009-08-20 Joey SchulzeStore and restore page status when updating the database
2009-08-20 Joey SchulzeMove Javascript and CSS code around
2009-08-16 Joey SchulzeAlways link to status.php
2009-08-16 Joey SchulzeSum up time when checking all boxes
2009-08-15 Joey SchulzeAdd more space
2009-08-15 Joey SchulzeSummarise time
2009-08-08 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2009-07-11 Joey SchulzePlural
2009-06-05 Joey SchulzeIgnore spaces
2009-05-19 Joey SchulzeImport missing functions
2009-05-19 Joey SchulzeMove button into radiobox line
2009-05-19 Joey SchulzePimp forms with JavaScript
2009-05-19 Joey SchulzeMove month selection to the page bottom
2009-04-19 Joey SchulzeProvide working edit link
2009-02-06 Joey SchulzeAdd customer filter
2008-12-26 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2008-12-25 Joey SchulzeOnly insert a connection if there is a compound
2008-12-24 Joey SchulzeUse a better start time when none is given for a new...
2008-12-24 Joey SchulzeImproved logic
2008-11-17 Joey SchulzeImproved support for open tasks from days before
2008-11-16 Joey SchulzeAdjust graph dimension
2008-11-16 Joey SchulzeAdded support for unused components
2008-11-12 Joey SchulzeBugfix and allow altering the status
2008-11-10 Joey SchulzeImproved text
2008-11-10 Joey SchulzeImprove page: sort months descendingly, don't emit...
2008-09-20 Joey SchulzeReorder
2008-09-19 Joey SchulzeUse color definitions from CSS
2008-09-19 Joey SchulzeAdd color for current events
2008-09-18 Joey SchulzeActually import where clause...
2008-09-17 Joey SchulzeImprove buttons with CSS
2008-09-17 Joey SchulzeImprove table with CSS
2008-09-17 Joey SchulzeWidth adjustment
2008-09-17 Joey SchulzeUse global CSS layout
2008-09-17 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2008-09-16 Joey SchulzeAdd proper class to buttons
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeDefine a minimal style for textarea as well
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeMinimal improvemnts
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeAdd space
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeSort list of years decending
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeUse button styles from global CSS file
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeLighter hover border
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeWe're in the past PHP3 era already...
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeSeveral improvements:
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeImproved layout
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeMove find_status into omnipresent file
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeSeveral improvements:
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeBeautification, move some general form CSS to main...
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeBeautification, nicer table, move layout into CSS
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeGeneral support for forms
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeAdjustment
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeAdd a nice JavaScript popup calendar to some forms