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2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeJump directly to the news
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeRename Oldenburger LT into developers meeting
2007-10-19 Joey SchulzeLink to the wiki
2004-08-24 Joey SchulzeLink to the new projects page
2004-02-18 Joey SchulzeLet's link to the new LinuxTag
2002-06-11 Joey SchulzeDevelopment and organisation for 2003 has already started
2002-04-20 Joey SchulzeNeed to start managing this years' event
2001-11-24 Joey SchulzeAdded the InfoCon tools
2001-09-12 Joey SchulzeAdded list item for European LinuxTag 2001, ready to...
2001-09-08 Joey SchulzeAdded two files so people can change their passwords.
2001-09-05 Joey SchulzeInitial files