Improve completion for task
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2014-12-25 Joey SchulzeImprove completion for task
2014-12-25 Joey SchulzeUpdates
2013-05-15 Joey SchulzeMove back task by n minutes via -b parameter
2012-11-12 Joey SchulzeOnly display current customers
2008-11-17 Joey SchulzeImproved support for open tasks from days before
2008-09-05 Joey SchulzeSupport changing the task title
2008-08-17 Joey SchulzeImplement deletion of the current open task
2008-08-15 Joey SchulzeDon't display delta
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeSupport month specification for task lists
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeSupport closing forgotton tasks
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeImplement --help
2008-08-12 Joey SchulzeCurrent version of commandline utility