Allow editing of booking texts
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2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAllow editing of booking texts
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'booking', 'sprit' and 'ust'
2016-05-04 Joey SchulzeDisplay booking date as well
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeSeveral improvements:
2007-02-14 Joey SchulzeMore textual hints
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeImproved attribution
2007-02-13 Joey SchulzeReplacement of the percent sign
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeCalculate with positive values only
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeWhoops, input != output
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeAdd the percent sign
2007-02-12 Joey SchulzeNeed brackets for printf()
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeSupport more sophisticated tally sheets
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeDitch the currency, i.e. only support current sales...
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeInherit font setting from CSS
2006-12-30 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = off
2006-12-30 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2002-01-02 Joey Schulze. Changes required to support dm/eur currency where...
2001-11-24 Joey SchulzeModifications so it will work on
2001-01-04 Joey SchulzeAdmin-Einheit fuer Infodrom Linx hinzugefuegt und Makef...
2000-10-22 Joey SchulzeRudimentaere Buchhaltung hinzugefuegt.