Bring code into the next century
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2007-11-05 Joey SchulzeBring code into the next century
2007-02-11 Joey SchulzeUse more modern techniques
2007-01-16 Joey SchulzeNeed to increment the counter
2006-12-09 Joey SchulzeBe more lax in what to accept
2006-01-23 Joey SchulzeInstalled shortcut for --buchung-unpaid
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the copyright note
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeSupport for --hide/--unhide instead of --buchung-visible.
2006-01-21 Joey SchulzeAdd a visible/invisible flag
2005-03-29 Joey SchulzeAdded support for visible/invisible items
2003-11-01 Joey SchulzeAdded support for Readline, which should simply adding...
2002-10-16 Joey SchulzeFinally added support for half typed date strings which...
2002-02-01 Joey SchulzeDamn, I forgot another occurrence of the hardcoded...
2002-01-03 Joey SchulzeOk, let's support both currencies when listing unpaid...
2002-01-02 Joey Schulze. Changes required to support dm/eur currency where...
2002-01-02 Joey SchulzeAdded current version of shell tool