Add moveable filter popup
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2015-08-29 Joey SchulzeAdd moveable filter popup
2015-08-29 Joey SchulzeUse convenient JS/JSON filter when javascript is enabled
2015-08-29 Joey SchulzeMove table generation into function, add thead/tbody
2014-04-06 Joey SchulzeAdd selection functionality
2014-04-06 Joey SchulzeUse new object-oriented backend
2013-03-03 Joey SchulzeAdd ID column as unique identifier
2009-06-05 Joey SchulzeIgnore spaces
2008-09-14 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2008-09-01 Joey SchulzeMove the new link to the menu
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzePrint positive values in green, negative ones in red
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeGet rid of font definitions
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeAlign the sum column left
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeUse CSS for row colors
2008-08-30 Joey SchulzeUse CSS for the color
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeImproved code organisation
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeAdded support for deadline
2008-06-23 Joey SchulzeMake link more visible
2007-01-20 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-01-10 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the condition
2006-12-29 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = off
2006-12-29 Joey SchulzeSupport for PHP > 3
2006-12-29 Joey SchulzeSupport for Register globals = off
2006-11-16 Joey SchulzeMoved the account heading into its own file
2006-11-16 Joey SchulzeMoved the database connect to the include file
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeUse a proper background colour for sum statements
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeBeautification by using a CSS bar
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdjust the font size
2006-03-12 Joey SchulzeSupport for specifying a keyword to search for
2006-02-12 Joey SchulzeAdded support for income and outcome sums
2006-01-19 Joey SchulzeAdded support for statement (Auszug)
2004-10-07 Joey SchulzeUse sprintf so that a non-numeric year will be converte...
2001-12-31 Joey SchulzeSome improvements
2001-11-24 Joey SchulzeModifications so it will work on
2000-11-19 Joey SchulzeAktualisierungen
2000-10-20 Joey SchulzeLetzte Aenderungen am Konto und Homelink
2000-10-20 Joey SchulzeKontoverwaltung mit Query
2000-08-29 Joey SchulzeInfoCon aufgenommen