Allow to edit account description in place
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2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeAllow to edit account description in place
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeConvert in-place edit of task to jquery.editable
2017-07-17 Joey SchulzeAllow to edit gas station in place
2017-07-12 Joey SchulzeMove status change to AJAX
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'booking', 'sprit' and 'ust'
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeAdd autocompletion to city and tankstelle elements
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeConvert existing AJAX functions to new framework
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeImprove DatabaseTable for convenience
2017-07-09 Joey SchulzeIntroduce caching factory for objects
2017-05-06 Joey SchulzeAdd view to davical data
2016-07-21 Joey SchulzeMerge branch 'sprit'
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeImprove .gitignore files
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeSimple sprit accounting module
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdd relative root path calculation
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeMove AJAX stuff into a base class and inheriting from it
2016-04-23 Joey SchulzeIgnore automatically generated files
2014-06-06 Joey SchulzeImprovements
2014-04-06 Joey SchulzeAdd delete methods
2014-04-05 Joey SchulzeAdd classes for future processing
2014-04-05 Joey SchulzeNew accounting class
2014-04-05 Joey SchulzeSet date-style accordingly
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeRemove mysqlism
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeFirst round of OO classes
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd abstract base class for database tables
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd insertInto and update as special methods
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd mail class
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeUntyp
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeImprove future framework
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd future framework