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2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeInclude simple color picker
2018-10-06 Joey SchulzeAlways include udraggable and autocomplete code
2017-07-10 Joey SchulzeMerge branches 'booking', 'sprit' and 'ust'
2016-07-21 Joey SchulzeMerge branch 'sprit'
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAdd <popups> and styles
2016-07-17 Joey SchulzeAJAX framework
2016-05-10 Joey SchulzeMove page source to git
2016-01-07 Joey SchulzeDetect December in January
2015-09-21 Joey SchulzeRecursively search for database config
2014-04-06 Joey SchulzeAlways load jQuery library
2014-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdd future framwork
2008-09-15 Joey SchulzeAdd a nice JavaScript popup calendar to some forms
2008-09-10 Joey Schulzeteaserlink() for the logbook
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeIndention
2008-07-16 Joey SchulzeMore intelligent date recognition
2008-05-03 Joey SchulzeNew general config
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved table colors
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeImproved menu background color
2007-10-06 Joey SchulzeNew menu rule
2007-10-04 Joey SchulzeMore contrast
2007-01-29 Joey SchulzeImproved escape
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeApply the font class from CSS, remove some font setting...
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeUse english month names when using the English date...
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the impress link
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeImported CSS like footer from
2006-10-26 Joey SchulzeStart using CSS
2005-05-18 Joey SchulzeNeed to limit the talk to the title in order to be...
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded lost day, huh?
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzePrepare for a third workshop room / forum
2005-02-02 Joey SchulzeConfigure the start and end of the workshop schedule...
2004-09-29 Joey SchulzeAdded the hardware database and kyllikki as valid host
2004-07-19 Joey SchulzeHook to the proper database
2004-07-17 Joey SchulzeUpdate for 2005
2004-07-17 Joey SchulzeImport the 2004 version of ltp.conf so we can properly...
2004-07-04 Joey SchulzeAdded support for kyllikki
2004-07-04 Joey SchulzeStart of LTP for 2005, file copied from 2004
2004-02-23 Joey SchulzeLooks like the quoting needs to be done differently
2004-02-18 Joey SchulzeThis years' adjusted configuration for LinuxTag
2003-07-30 Joey SchulzeAdjusted for LinuxTag 2004
2003-07-30 Joey SchulzeFinally copied the configuration into this file so...
2003-06-29 Joey SchulzeMake the price for the social event configurable
2003-06-27 Joey SchulzeI'm permitted to fill up the AKK with up to 90 people...
2003-04-05 Joey SchulzeInclude the configuration from ltp.conf
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdded symbolic longer names, used for job assignments
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeForgot one day and added the web location
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeConfiguration for the entire LTP system
2002-06-12 Joey SchulzeNew style for the next event
2002-05-04 Joey SchulzeWhee, I thought I'd used the correct URL...
2002-05-03 Joey SchulzeWhee, this tag is required for password processing...
2002-04-25 Joey SchulzeWe're using a new technique for connecting now...
2002-04-19 Joey SchulzeLet's start to support LinuxTag 2002 - taking place...
2001-11-24 Joey SchulzeModifications so it will work on
2001-09-25 Joey SchulzeWhoops, I forgot to add the appendix for the Makefile...
2001-09-12 Joey SchulzeAdded support for <default-func> so one can ommit func...
2001-09-12 Joey SchulzeAdded modified style file for LinuxTag 2001 tools
2001-09-08 Joey SchulzeMoved definitions for the main page outside of the...
2001-09-06 Joey SchulzeAdded a general link to be able to go back to the main...
2001-09-06 Joey SchulzeSome useful routines in php
2001-09-05 Joey SchulzeAdded style file for things that belong to the Oldenbur...
2001-09-05 Joey SchulzeProperly implemented the page title and regular title...
2001-09-05 Joey SchulzeAdded some more useful color definitions
2001-09-05 Joey SchulzeInitial files