Add autocompletion to city and tankstelle elements
[] / Styles / ltp.conf
2005-05-18 Joey SchulzeNeed to limit the talk to the title in order to be...
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzeAdded lost day, huh?
2005-05-16 Joey SchulzePrepare for a third workshop room / forum
2005-02-02 Joey SchulzeConfigure the start and end of the workshop schedule...
2004-07-17 Joey SchulzeUpdate for 2005
2004-02-18 Joey SchulzeThis years' adjusted configuration for LinuxTag
2003-06-29 Joey SchulzeMake the price for the social event configurable
2003-06-27 Joey SchulzeI'm permitted to fill up the AKK with up to 90 people...
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeAdded symbolic longer names, used for job assignments
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeForgot one day and added the web location
2003-04-04 Joey SchulzeConfiguration for the entire LTP system