2007-11-04 Joey SchulzeDisplay current events on the main page automatically
2007-11-04 Joey SchulzeBeautification + Preparation for current dates
2007-10-31 Joey SchulzeOOps
2007-10-31 Joey SchulzeFirst Arbeitstreffen
2007-10-31 Joey SchulzeMoved October dates around
2007-10-22 Joey SchulzeNeue Termine fuer Bremen
2007-10-07 Joey SchulzeKeine langfristige Planung mehr in Bremen
2007-10-01 Joey SchulzeAdded Infotage
2007-10-01 Joey SchulzeMoved old dates around
2007-08-20 Joey SchulzeMoved July dates
2007-07-13 Joey SchulzeEurolugs tot
2007-07-13 Joey SchulzeLinks tot
2007-07-06 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2007-07-05 Joey SchulzeMoved June dates around
2007-06-19 Joey SchulzeNew link
2007-06-18 Joey SchulzeUpdates
2007-06-12 Joey SchulzeCorrected the URL
2007-06-11 Joey SchulzeAdded LUGOLand
2007-06-11 Joey SchulzeAdded FSM and LUGOLand
2007-06-11 Joey SchulzeFormatting
2007-06-11 Joey SchulzeAdressen aktualisiert
2007-06-03 Joey SchulzeMoved May dates into the archive
2007-05-07 Joey SchulzeAnother URL change since the new domain is online
2007-05-02 Joey SchulzeNeue Termine aus Bremen
2007-05-01 Joey SchulzeMoved April dates
2007-04-14 Joey SchulzeTux Kinderfest in Bremen hinzugefügt
2007-03-31 Joey SchulzeRadtour
2007-03-28 Joey SchulzeMoved March dates
2007-03-05 Joey SchulzeMoved February dates
2007-02-09 Joey SchulzeBeautification
2007-02-09 Joey SchulzeMoved January dates into the archive
2007-02-05 Joey SchulzeInfo about LIT
2007-01-14 Joey SchulzeUpdated this year's photos
2007-01-10 Joey SchulzeUpdated links to galleries
2007-01-10 Joey SchulzeMoved December dates around
2006-12-13 Joey SchulzeAdded Olix
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeAdjusted the meeting dates for Bremen
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeFound a better suited favicon
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeFixed quoting *sigh*
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeAdded dates for 2007
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeNews zum Pinguin-Brunch
2006-12-12 Joey SchulzeUpdates für das kommende Jahr
2006-12-09 Joey SchulzeMoved November dates around
2006-12-09 Joey SchulzeConverted the news section into a nicer CSS based layout
2006-12-09 Joey SchulzeNews im ZDF
2006-11-26 Joey SchulzeRemoved old data
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeMove the navigation skipper above the logos
2006-11-17 Joey SchulzeDon't need menu paragraph
2006-11-14 Joey SchulzeNew meeting time in Bremen
2006-11-14 Joey SchulzeHomepage lost in Bremen
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeAdded transparency
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeImproved visible date representation by using manually...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeMoved Perl code into include file so that it doesn...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeCurrent attendance data
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeImprove the visible representation of table by using...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeImprove the visible representation of news by using...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeAdjust the font size via CSS, also the font face
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeAdd <p> if needed, i.e. if there is none
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeDecapitalisation
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeBegriffe eingedeutscht
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeSwitch to using a CSS menu
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeExternal file to provide menu functions
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeNo blockquote anymore, add margin via CSS instead
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeFont will be handled via CSS
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeCalculate the footer in a new include file, use CSS...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeExchanged the LinuxTag logo against a Tux
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeTransparent background
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeImported Tux from
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeStart using CSS with a manually crafted CSS file
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeStart using CSS
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeChanged the displayed date into the proper German format
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeDon't change the colour when the date differs only...
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeMoved Perl code into include file so that it doesn...
2006-11-09 Joey Schulzefavicon imported from PHProjekt
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeSplit include path
2006-11-09 Joey SchulzeMoved October dates
2006-10-07 Joey SchulzeMoved old dates around
2006-08-02 Joey SchulzeURLs updated
2006-06-12 Joey SchulzeMoved dates of two months around
2006-04-21 Joey SchulzeAnother year passed...
2006-04-21 Joey SchulzeMoved old dates away
2006-04-21 Joey SchulzeAdded LinuxTag
2006-04-21 Joey SchulzeMoved old dates
2006-04-21 Joey SchulzeUntypo
2006-01-26 Joey SchulzeCorrected the apostrophs
2006-01-26 Joey SchulzeCompleted dates for 2006
2006-01-26 Joey SchulzeMoved 2005 dates
2006-01-18 Joey SchulzePictures by Mitchie
2006-01-15 Joey SchulzeGna, corrected the URL
2006-01-15 Joey SchulzeFotos vom Brunch
2005-12-19 Joey SchulzeUpdate 2006
2005-12-07 Joey SchulzeMoved November dates
2005-11-04 Joey SchulzeMoved October dates
2005-10-05 Joey SchulzeShuffle September 2005 around
2005-09-22 Joey SchulzeUpdated the olix url
2005-09-22 Joey SchulzeWhoops, wrong year
2005-08-30 Joey SchulzeMoved August dates around
2005-08-19 Joey SchulzeAdded the developers meeting
2005-08-19 Joey SchulzeMoved some months around...